The CT Thread

does anyone play near new britain? me and my roomate at school play a lot of 3s but its only the two of us and an off campus friends who plays sometimes. but i was just wondering if anyone was close so maybe we could play a game or something.

Whats up every one wheres the scene at ? every one up and left i stoped by on a friday and there only people i saw were magno the Beast Fahita, and Ron. wtf ? wheres all the comp at ? do i realy gota drive to CTF in order to play some one that is over the age of 12? nothing but little kids in there now and those DDR kids with there big Earings n shit :frowning: i got my hopes up toda saw some new kid come in and pick sent iron man and psylock getin all pumped … just to ocv with a damn neer perfect every time :frowning: where you at peeps hit me up and let me know when and where every one plays at we need to get up all of danburys old and new players and just have a set date where i Rape you all :smiley: now that the meanest player in danburys gone im claimin the thrown :smiley: ill be there Friday if any ones down defend your honor, CVS2 OR MVC2 action be there or be wack like the danbury scene. Peace - Judgement

I’d play some marvel when I get back from school but supposedly the sticks are kinda fucked up.

alright im down this friday…get outtta work at 4 then imma grab my one friend and head over to danbury mall…ill map quest it cause i have no idea where it is or anything from newlondon

Danbury mall has MvC2, CvS2, and Tekken 5 (No 3S). Just incase you didn’t know shibuya.

cool…i play cvs2 and tekken…no mvc2 though…unless yall wanna teach me some shit!!!

hey, looking for some cvs2/3s/tekken (your pick obviously). out here in new britain there’s just about no one who plays. either that or it’s hard for me to find. i live in new britain during school semesters at CCSU, so, anyone who’s either there or close hit me up here, AIM: goodwin6884, or email: me and a couple of my boys try to play as much as we can, but it’s hard with only 3 or four people and 2 of which aren’t even around all the time. :frowning: sigh… it’s so hard to be a CT gamer sometimes. :stuck_out_tongue:

This thread is still alive o_O? lol Well Im from manchester CT now since i came back from FL. I actually have frayed away from fighting a little bit due to lack of ppl to play. i play CVS2, Tekken (Somewhat), Im a huge Soul Cal’er, 3s ( i need a little bit to catch up seeing the fact i havent played in ages), GGXX# and Naruto Hero 3. Its been ages since I’ve posted in the CT thread, last time i was here ( i was JiryuSlade) Barcadi was proclaming 3S superiority in CT and i played with RabitCake ( I think thats how u spell it lol).

It looked to me like the thread was dead, but I was hoping that people would wake up again once I posted. Definately looking for people to play, and yeah I also hear that CT is one of the 3s capitals as well, but it seems that everyone who plays is in a deep state of hibernation, either that or I don’t know where to look. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s probably the latter. Definately hit me up anyone if you’re down to game. I’ve been playing 3s a lot lately but I’ll unrust in Tekken/MVC2 if I play a little bit. I’d also like to get into CVS2 as well. **NOTE: I meant MVC2 in my last post under which games I play. I haven’t played CVS2 yet to be honest but I’d like to get that under way. ** So yeah correction: Tekken5/MVC2/3s. Definately hit me up!

crimson souls you need to teach me some 3s!!!
and someone teach me cvs2 i forget how to play

Jamie -_- You know how to play 3s. Didnt you use Elena? Even though I consider her a dirty fighter you play. I appreciate that you excepting the fact that im better though :)And werent you were beastly in CvS2? I do wanna run some 3S though…

worst tournament ever

Still up for 3S and Tekken matches. Good at Tekken, still learning 3S. Got my own place for sessions. New Haven.

good matches at gw yesterday

Well actually im Down for some CvS2. Havent dug in to it in a while but I will be willing to unwind in it. As for tekken… i dont know. Im too much into SC3 to actually play tekken. In SC3 now, I feel confindent enough to say im one of the best in the state, maybe even top 20 on the east coast. But yet again these are just estimates so i cant say for sure.

This is Shimetsu, dont worry im not crazy o_O I just found my pass to this old acc. Anyways Ive never got into MvC2 (just not for me) but i am steadily getting back into Guilty Gear which is cool.

…so what day do yall wanna run some games??? me and my friend is down friday…get off at 4 so maybe 6 or 7 ill be to whereever the destination is…thinkin about makin a newyork run this weekend but not sure…just let me know what is up!

How close are you to New London? I’ve been in serious need of GG comp.

Im about maybe 20-35 mins away. I live on the Manchester/Glastonbury townline.

yo if you have a car we can go at GG tonight!!! i just need to register my car on thursday when it stays open late