The CT Thread

I love how he picks and chooses what he wants to reply to. Never responding to facts. Every DR machine in the US has controller ports. Everyone that uses pad is use to using pad. Why should they go all the way over there, pay $25 minimum, only to get peaced out because their moves won’t come out? Be serious. And yes, my shitty attitude. What a horrible person I am for trying to help people get better. Whatever. You don’t have to play me. Seems like I’m better off not meeting you anyway. No more replying to you. It’s obviously a waste of time.

Shibuya, Jinmaster is a friend of mine like I said. After day 1 of Evo East, he came up to my apartment for a few games. We might also try to run a tournament together. I still have you’re number. I’ll call you at 5 when I get out of work. I’m going straight to Chinatown Fair. Should be there around 6:30, 7 o’clock. Pick up your phone and be there.

Damnit Dude…the Phone Number You Have Of Mine Is A House Phone!!! I Dont Have A Cell Phone Dud To Me Havin Bills Of 150+ Textin All These Stupid Girls…

Ok, check your PM’s in a few.

Sorry i forgot that your the best player of all time and that every character you type must be analyzed and responded to as if past down from gods hand to be a map of how humanity should live.

Although your facts seem more like shallow statements to try and impress others; dont really care who was over your house, who received a bj from whom and what sweet nothings jinmaster likes whispered in his ear. You can include that in your autobiography which will no doubt be a best seller considering how great and interesting a person you are.

i dunno, maybe cause they are trying to help you guys out. Bought a brand new machine and are going to run SBO qualifiers. I guess they forgot about the elite gamers who demand to use the same controller used on Shrek and Barbies Horse adventure, what fucks

yeah sir, your helping everyone, youve even helped me during the course of these posts!, Now i have the confidence to go up to random people and other message boards making broad narrowminded statements. For instance I just pronounced myself the king of Europe and also WWE world heavyweight champion.

Damnit what a loss, now i’ll never meet the greatest person who ever lived.

Shibuya get on AIM.

Word man, I knew the first two were true. But that last one kinda threw me off. I <3 U dude. Call me when you turn ten. I’ll get you a tinker toy.

…ooook. Anyone goin to GW saturday ( tommarow ) I seriously need to get unrusty…

Are there any good spots in CT that have good 3s cabs?

They don’t have 3S there right? And would it be worth going over there for Tekken?

Well im kinda going for MvC2 and CvS2…

Da Rage where you at in WC. Im always down there. But no, GW sold their 3S cab like retards.

if your looking for ‘arcade’ play danbury is the only place with tekken, but its 5.1. while your here to make the most out of it in ct then its probly best getting into mvc2 or cvs2… just a suggestion.

anyways danbury has a few people that play tekken but i think a few of them left for college and emera moved, then theres bacardi, and thats basically it as far as i know who play tekken in ct.

as far as ct 3s goes… theres less 3s players than tekken without a doubt. theres really only 2 people who actually practice it for tournaments bacardi and dsp. tony and black velvet are pretty good too. even when danbury had the cabinet no one played consistantly.

theres not alot of competative players here mostly casual, but there is a good size group that does go to ecc and stuff like that. sooo, if you really want to play people in tekken and show them a few things like you say… then i guess trieng to hit up danbury and let people know your around would be best, because they wont travel. theres only a select few who might.

so it seems like a few of you are interested in 3s. i need to learn how to play first.
i think were all having marvel withdrawls

^^pick up the phone fool

call tomorrow night

Well, what can I do if no one in the area cares? I’ll just stick to playing in NY.

well I kinda want to get competitive again. Mostly in MvC2 3S and CvS2 though :confused:

umm…as far as weekday goes im pretty much gonna stick to groton newlondon area…on the weekend (starting friday) ill be able to go around CT and meet up wit yall…i went to CTF this weekend and i plan on goin at least every other weekend. So this weekend im up for some games like tekken,3rd strike,GG slash,Cvs2. I also have KOF 11 if you are into SNK brawlers. Today is tuesday so we can plan something we have enough time before friday…

P.S The Realyst…i didnt get to play you are much as i wanted…maybe we can get up sometime and go for a few more rounds.

You don’t live far from me, if you can try dragging me along to some shit?

Kayin…what are you doin today after 5?? wanna play some guilty gear??? anyways i dont know if you been to CTF but if you havent then there is no GG so i hope you have something else you play.

no super turbo?

anyone here able to burn dc games? my cvs2 is all sorts of fucked and i need a new one.

Guilty Gear and Melty Blood are my main games. I hate CvS2 and tolerate 3S and Marvel, love Alpha 3 and Super Turbo, but haven’t really played them all that seriously.

But yeah I don’t think I’ll be doing much today, do you have AIM or MSN? I’d much rather arrange this stuff on there.