The CT Thread


no super turbo?

anyone here able to burn dc games? my cvs2 is all sorts of fucked and i need a new one.


Guilty Gear and Melty Blood are my main games. I hate CvS2 and tolerate 3S and Marvel, love Alpha 3 and Super Turbo, but haven’t really played them all that seriously.

But yeah I don’t think I’ll be doing much today, do you have AIM or MSN? I’d much rather arrange this stuff on there.


lol im at work right now!!! this is a goverment computer im usin and i cant download anything like aim, msn, yahoo messenger etc…trust me i tried…only have yahoo messenger and aim but its on my home computer and my hard drive is messed up so i cant get on at home. but i heard about that melty blood or something never played it…u can arrange by sendin me a pm lol


Oh, that’s okay then.

Question, tho. How well do you know New London? Any specific areas you could pick me up at? I’m very close to downtown, fyi.

Also, I’ll burn you a copy of Act Cadenza so you can give it a shot.


can a PS2 play burned games??? if so im pissed i spent 75 dollars on KOF11 to import it!!! anyways i know bank st…the grey hound station…roadhouse bar!!! Club hypnotic…pick a place lol


Meet me at the bus station. What time is good?

Also, you need to mod your PS2 or something of the likes to play burned or imported games, it’s hella worth it tho.

XBL/PSN Good Games!

well…i have a japanese PS2 so i can play imported ones just not burnt ones i guess…what time is good…i would have to say around 6. that good for u?


Sounds good to me. :tup:


Cool…ill be the black dude wearin brown slacks wit a light blue button up shirt.


Yo, is your place good? Or are we gonna have to find somewhere else?


ya its straight.


Aight, cool.


post up and wish tony b. a happy b-day


who is tony b??? BTW KAYIN are you goin to TGA this weekend?


Black Velvet Ryu, when you guys having a gathering? I want to play some marvel, tekken, or CvS2 real bad. If you guys are going to dsp’s that might not be to far from my school up here in worcester ma.


I don’t know yet, unfortunately. Not looking likely but we’ll see.

Who would you accept for top tier?
Who would you accept for top tier?
Who would you accept for top tier?

heh, hey man, hope your having fun at school; danbury will never forget the legend of KTR. checkin on mapquest thats like a 2 hr drive from where you are, but your only an hour from TGA, we’re all gonna go to the tourney on the 30th i think it is, get at me on aim sir-


hey Kayin…gonna get my muffler fixed today and one of my other friend wants to go as well…if you wanna come let me know…or would it be better to take a bus???


wheres the tourney at?