The CT Thread


The tourney is on Saturday right? anyways kayin thursday or friday lets meet up and get some practice in…


Sounds good to me.


There has to be someone around here besides me that wants to take Tekken seriously. I know so much shit about the game it’s amazing. I just started my new job this week. Once I get out of training I’ll know what my scheldule will be like and I think I control it for the most part. As soon as I take care of that, I’m trying to have a weekly session at my place with 2 or 3 other players.


…Ill go at it with ya in Tekken…im pretty straight…could use someone to spar with to up my game (omg i owned Kayin so bad). Anyways let me know when you get everything situated.
Kayin…so whats up with the ride to TGA this weekend???


Thats cool man. But if you’re trying to play serious, you probably want to drop Ling. She’s really hard to use at even middle level play. But we’ll get on that when we get some sessions in.

I thought there was someone else that wanted to learn a little Tekken over here? But just a warning, if you want to really do damage, be ready to switch up characters…at least in 5.0. In DR you might be ok…

Of course, in exchange, you can school me in 3S.


Cool…been thinking of new characters i can start training with…Roger,Bryan fury, Kazuya, king…imma get a psp and get Tekken Dr for it though…cause im always bored at work so i could just play it all day…and for trips like going to NYC

Marvel Preview for Evo
Marvel Preview for Evo



wanna give it another go?


wanna lose again?


ha…i got something for you this time.


If your talking DR, Kazuya’s the best character that you listed there, but Mishima’s in general are hard to use. But it’s not like Ling where you will be working hard for so little. With Kaz, you work hard and get A LOT.

If your talking 5.0, Bryan is without a doubt the way to go. He has good rushdown thats not hard to use at all. He has the fastest launcher in the game and it does 40% in open space and tons more with a wall. But the notation for the move is a little awkward. Once you get use to it and you can start punishing blocks and whiffs with it, you’ll be straight.

I really want to play, so I’ll see if we can set something up next week. I got a tournament tomorrow, next week Saturday, and then the week after that on Sunday so, it’s best to play a day during the week.


some more free wins? take some small steps first like winning a round :rofl:


well see…

Realyst…yeah i know what you mean with Xiayou…it seems like you gotta be tricking and all that shit…if the opponent predicts your move for example like the side step lk you are basically done…i never got into the mishima family characters but i like kazuya though…imma go train with kazuya and king…imma still keep xiayou though since i know alot about her…one question is that if i train with kazuya on the ps2 version will I still play the same with the DR version or will alot of combos/moves be switched up???


Brandon, Tony wants to get some games down tonight, you up?


AHHHHHHHH my real name been exposed lol!!! anyways yeah im down for it…you still have my number???


Yeah I’ll give you a call when I get outta here. lol


cool…i get outta work today at 4…so ill be chillin at the crib!!!


Man, even I mashed a match win against bacardi, and I hate 3S. lawl.




lol@those fools STILL saying D-Block for Danbury. lmao. ran into some pale faced dude who explained to me that the Lox always said D-Block cause its DMX’s block. lmao. why does CT account for 90% of wanna-bee gangsta’s and shit? then when you really stunt on em’,they get all anti-gangsta like they wasnt posing as phoney in the first place lol. anyway,QP’s went up an extra something something. you know who you are,so getcha’ money and hurry up.