The CT Thread


Trust me homey. I seen a real King player. I seen all the work he has to do. I see how easily it’s taken away. Do what you want, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.


so who is down to play friday some 3s/cvs2/st/t5/vf4evo while blazing some ganj and drinking some brews, and who can host


I’ll come play & bring KoF XI. Not too sure if I can host. Once I get a job, I might be lookin for a new roommate though when my dad moves out, and we’ll have a nice house peeps can play in.



Hellz yea…

Also…seems like a lot of people are looking to get together and play…what about finding someone who can host that is kinda central (or as close as it gets) and having something a few times a month maybe?


well there are 3 players that are in groton newlondon…me, kayin, and tony. tony can host cause he has a big screen tv that we played on…i could host but i have a 19 inch. I cant travel too far (maybe an hour driving) cause my car is running shitty. Let me know guys by 5pm cause after that i wont be able to get online…
Barcadi…damn man cant smoke this weekend…piss test soon…ill drink though…
Im down for some KOF11,CVS2,3rdstrike,GG,tekken…DOA4


Something I do not understand: netcode

So who’s going to GDT ths Saturday?


im probably not going…rides are lookin slim…


i’m prob going.

after a war I now have st, go to bestbuy for those who want it


Can you come down to New London by any chance or is that too out of your way?



Played Ps3 all last night on a buddy’s 6 foot wide high def plasma…sooooo sexy. :lovin: :lovin: :lovin: The textures are amazing. We also managed to crash the thing…woot!


aight…ima be back in bridgeport/stratford area this sunday…so anyone who wants to jump on some 3s, GG, cvs2, Doa4, Naruto, or Melty blood add my xbla EpidemicSama, to give me a heads up…hopefully it wont be cold up there…im not used to up-north weather anymore


Turkey by73s

Happy T-givs All…


If any of yall wanna come to Norwich we playing tonight…im bring beer (brilliant!) so whoever down let me know



Damn…I missed free guinness…


Yeah, shit’s going on right now, posting on Tony’s comp. CvS2’s being played so I’m on downtime, hahaha.


kayin lets get on some guilty gear possibly tonight or tommorow…i did some well needed practice with faust and venom and i learned some new combos rushdowns (especially with venom). so whenever you ready hit me back up


Whoever the hell is coming down to Elias tomorrow, try and get there before 9, so we can actually get to Philly before noon.

That way if we hit traffic we’re not fucked or anything.





why not…?


A Litany of Hate: What Makes Us Survive (Remembering Sam Sanders)