The CT Thread

i live in groton. where the sub base is. i wanna know where i can go that isn’t far, and i can meet challengers at pretty much any fighting game. i feel like i’m losing my skill

man for you to play anyone you are travelling 30 mins+ unless you play smash then you have more options available to you

There are like 4 players in groton

yea but you all suck, I am trying to point him to ward some better players :arazz:

…tony, me, kayin, matt (aka emptythrowjump)…with us 4 i think we cover just about all fighters…unless he into something like Hnk.

If he wants to play just 3rdstrike and travel about an hour or so…ur his man.

Realyst, I pm’ed you my number so let me know if anything goes down wednesday. If anyone’s good at mvc2 and wants to play anytime soon let me know because I’d be willing to drive as long as it’s not too far.

If Bacardi is that sick at Third Strike Imma start drivin to play him. I can make it to New Haven in 55 minutes. Beats the shit out of 2:40 to get to web2zone, although I plan to get there someday. This double job situation is burning me up.

Also, to the Groton dude, I live literally 5 minutes from the Sub Base, but I pretty much only play Third Strike. I mean I will play ST or GG, but I won’t beat you, probably at all. Third Strike is the only tournament I entered at EVO East. Take that for what you will. Bacardi get at me. Maybe your drunk commentating ass will teach me ST, haha. I saw you manning up in that shit at East.

I’m like 20 mins away from Groton, but I for the most part just play Guilty Gear and to a slightly lesser extent, CvS2.

Bacardi, would you be willing to teach someone 3s?

watch out, he charges by the hour

Bacardi j3di: teach me ce bison!!

Ok, today still looks very solid for games. Shibuya, you should get here around 7:30 if you want to play. Manny O, same goes for you. I’ll pm you my address.

Manny_O how much do you already know about 3s? EmptyJumpThrow I live in BPT not New Haven plus DXP is the guy to teach you ST he trained Seor Rambo aka Black Velvet aka Qualed at Evo East. John I told you already I can teach you Ce Bison but you have to bring me a medium pizza and a big Gulp for I can teach my 7-11 tactics. Jeez new blood in ct someome needs to host a gathering I’ll bring 2 tvs

who wants to train me on getting chicks?

well i wouldn’t mind traveling as long as i’m not going too far. but i play MVC2, CvS2, tekken, 3s…only games i can think of right now. a little GGXX2. i just want some challenge out there. i’m not all great, but i do see myself as somewhat of a challenge.

Go around the corner from DXP’s house to teddy’s they’ll hook you up

:rofl:too good man, if i say that walterocalypse sent me do I get a discount?:rofl:

us 3 should get some games in this weekend, time to reform the horsemen and maybe hit up ruby tuesdays where the name bacardi jedi is legend.

yea we should, play some of these new guys and see what we can do with them

I could be down for Saturday, but I figured everyone would be at East Coast SBO qualifiers, so I was planning on going up to spectate on that shit. But if we can get some CT Third Strike going on I am in. I gotta be out early Saturday night though, got work 7 am Sunday. If someone wants to have people over post that shit up here.

noone from ct is going to the qualifier, unless I am crazy enought to goto japan for 3 days kekekekekeke

Bacardi, tbh I don’t really know too much about 3s, so I’m pretty much a beginner in it. I know the basics and most of the combos, but that’s about it.

So who are the best marvel players in CT?