The CT Thread


:rofl:too good man, if i say that walterocalypse sent me do I get a discount?:rofl:

us 3 should get some games in this weekend, time to reform the horsemen and maybe hit up ruby tuesdays where the name bacardi jedi is legend.


yea we should, play some of these new guys and see what we can do with them


I could be down for Saturday, but I figured everyone would be at East Coast SBO qualifiers, so I was planning on going up to spectate on that shit. But if we can get some CT Third Strike going on I am in. I gotta be out early Saturday night though, got work 7 am Sunday. If someone wants to have people over post that shit up here.


noone from ct is going to the qualifier, unless I am crazy enought to goto japan for 3 days kekekekekeke


Bacardi, tbh I don’t really know too much about 3s, so I’m pretty much a beginner in it. I know the basics and most of the combos, but that’s about it.

So who are the best marvel players in CT?


1)DXP(sadly:sad:) 2)Tony B 3)Yours truly :lovin:

Which should I get - UMVC3 or AE?
Which should I get - UMVC3 or AE?
Which should I get - UMVC3 or AE?
Which should I get - UMVC3 or AE?
Which should I get - UMVC3 or AE?
Which should I get - UMVC3 or AE?

I’d really love to play you in that then. I’m a lot better at marvel and tekken than any other games pretty much.


You coming today manny?


Thanks for having me over Realyst, it was a lot of fun. Sorry I couldn’t be of much comp, but I’ll try to get better.


Blackbvelvet. . . you are a horseman? Who are you man? I thought I was the only Horseman left in CT that posts.


Different Horsemen, he is referring to the Horsemen of the Walterpocalypse!!! :looney:

Who can host something this saturday? Also if said hosts wants to grill I’ll throwdown some loot on beer/food whatever lets get something popping


ohhhh, damn i am f’ing old. Like a relic at this point.

ok, I cleared it with the Boss. (wifey) And I am ready to have a get together this Friday night. Id have to end it around 1130 - midnight but we can start around 7pm. Id like to get some MVC2 in and learn some 3s from Walter. What do you guys think, If its short to short notice I can do it on another Saturday this month.


do it saturday and not friday if you can :wink:

Should Capcom continue with Street Fighter or another franchise?

I can only do it Sat from like 12 noon to 5 pm if any body is down.


that time is godlike =]

When to bold cancel?

It’s ok dude. No one in CT is much comp in Tekken. Hopefully we can change that though.


Hey Realyst, do you play TF?



i can do it at that time, but i would need to know how far that is from the subbase. i’m pretty sure i’ll be competition for anyone at marvel and tekken. if anyone’s interested. hopefully i’ll do a good job at representing the best from Texas. i really wanna get back in the game.

Australian Fightsticks

ok, lets do this. Sat works but only from 1- 5 pm. I only have dreamcast though. Ive got two tvs. Someone tell Phil, I dont have his contact info anymore. Post up if your coming so I can make room. I live in Bridgeport about a 1/2 mile from the mall.


i’ll tell phil but I am pos he’ll look in here and see if you want I can bring another tv and a dc or ps2 or both