The CT Thread


Rob, thanks for having me over. It was a lot of fun to play and chill with you guys. Maybe next time I’ll try some of that chili. Next time I’ll definitely bring a marvel mix so we can use that instead. By next time, I’ll definitely be more used to the stick I got because I’m sure it’ll take MAS a long time for them to get me my stick back.

Uncanny Marvel vs Capcom 3!
Uncanny Marvel vs Capcom 3!

I think they play CvS2 on weekends at smiles in Milford. They usually start playing around 7 or 8 there. I haven’t been there in a while, but the times I went there on the weekends after 8, there were always people playing.


Cool I have to check out smiles again then.


:karate: Dont break my controller! Im around tonight if you wanna battle.

Manny good to meet you.

When are we meeting up again, lets plan it, we gotta keep it going…


ok, Im down. Ill be beasting with Ryu Ken Zanfief again. . . :encore:
Oh, I forgot, that shit is broken already. … no joke.


so nuno broke the l.k? the only beasting going on is him on my controller.

MIxup and reset combos

No it was your shotty workmanship. Get over here and fix this thing. And fix your skills while your at it!

Reverse Sticks - Are there any good ones out there?
Reverse Sticks - Are there any good ones out there?


naw man, thats my stick, I ordered the replacement, and I fixed it. We all know your dainty manicured hands can’t fix nothin.

its time you manned up and bought/built another one. I wouldn’t pay for another one myself, so I gotta make this one last.


Im ordering more pieces soon. My Franken-MAS-Stick is going to eat your buttons while you sleep. And its my stick, it became mine when you no longer nurtured it. You think now that you got some fancy replacement parts you could just come back into its life? What kind of owner are you? :annoy: Consider those parts as your down payment on the child support you owe me for housing this beastly stick. :bgrin:

s, double, double u, u, v. ss, w, u and b.


It was real cool meeting you sbw. I’m down to play whenever you guys are. I definitely want to play you guys again because that was so much fun. I’ll have something new for you guys next time, so just let me know whenever you guys are playing.


damn son
CT is popping
sick of online shit
i play ST and TS
im not that good
i live near Willimantic


I live in Stamford, but during the college semester I go to Uconn Storrs. I’m not too good at at 3s and I’m really bad at ST, but I’d be willing to play you then. You don’t play any other games at all though?


mess around with other fighters on DC and XBox
but im not very competant
i also suck at Marval


yea, im gonna try and have some new isht for you too. for Rob too when I take my controller back. coup d’etat style!


seriously out of any of you who is really good in 3s or mvc2?


I stink at 3s. . .and i rarely do more than a three hit combo in MvCs.


Rob, what’s good for this weekend. I’ve got some friends from Westchester who want to play mvc2, if you’re down.


Im down for sunday, either at my place or rob’s. Possibly saturday too, but our buddy nuno can’t get down on saturday’s usually.


That sounds good, what times though. Also, are both of the MAS sticks working good?


YEAH!!! CT is comin alive!!! WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!

The MAS Sticks are MINT!!! Bill did an excellent job of repairing them. Lets DO IT! Sunday at Bills house, he doesnt live that far from me Manny. If you want you can meet me at my house and follow me up to Bill’s.

Bill that frozen breast is corner trapping my french toast in the freezer.

Are the Westchester guys any good?

Newbie getting into fighting games: which console and which game would you recommend?
Newbie getting into fighting games: which console and which game would you recommend?