The CT Thread

what’s MMs?

Webzone tourneys, really.

Does anybody play halo 2 live?

no casuals? :wonder:

Ill would bring the equiment, or not. At web2zone. or not.

Dru: MMs = Money match

What’s good for today?

Yea, what’s going on tonight guys? I remember sbw saying something about wednesday night. It’s no problem for me at all as I do live right down the street.

Just hit me up on aim or send me a PM over srk for my cell number

AIM: WildKittyv1

You’re most likely tog et ahold of me on there but I turn it off from time to time. Whatever, just lemme know what’s going on. I’ll show you some low-tier teams (I’ll show you the true dangers of cyclops/marrow/tron or morrigan/bison/doom.

dunno, usually wed nights I keep free to get down with whatever…

right down who’s street??

I’m Ryan the guy who lives in Seymour.

What time Bill?

oh, i didnt know what you went by on here.

anyway, I think tonight Im going to be taking it easy actual. Im going to see if Rob wants to come by this sunday, as well as dru, if you guys are down then you should come by.

No fights tonight? ok, I should do some push ups anyway. . .This Sunday should be ok for me, Ill know for sure after I check with the boss, make sure I don’t have something to do that I’m not aware of.

Druski!!! (Dru) You should come get down man, show some of those OG skills off,
And I really need someone to play MvC1 with, I need some practice against high caliber players.
There is a lot of new hype surrounding the game again and we used to be nasty at that shit. If we practice for a month we could bring some titles back to CT. Who knows Dru, maybe MvC1 will be at evo next year. :cool: Imagine that shit. Maybe Evo is in CT now for a reason now. Maybe we deserve that shit.
You, Bobby, Shoe, Johnny, Tam, Tony, and me. Add Waterbury and Danbury; bring back the horsemen. . . al of em’ ( I am not listing ALL of them).
Like Avengers assemble and shit! :p:

EDIT: Yo! I forgot Hero and David Lu and even Cuong. Kevin too, or was it Jeff? and Panthro. . .remember Panthro? Remember when he beat that dude up! Oh yeah!! Remember that dude! What was his name? And Ernie, don’t forget Ernie, and Roderick too! What a Motley crew we were! I know Im missing some people, oh yeah, that guy that always wore red. He won the second FYE tournament, he was cool.

ahhhh. . . to dream. :smokin:

So no playing tonight? aw… :frowning:


I guess I’ll go to new rochelle or something.

see look, everyone wants to play, we can’t not play now!

xbox liveis the answer to the non gathering!

I should really get a 360 for times like this.

my roomate’s tryin to sell his xbox, is 250 good for an xbox and 8 games?

roberto: you are not cool

ryan: you live so damn close, you should just be showin up each morning before I go to work to get some matches going before the day even starts!

Manny_0: I’ll repay in fresca on either sunday, but I may get down on saturday too. I had/have a wedding Im supposed to go to but I may get outta that.

dru: keep sunday open and chill with us.

walter: you should chill too.

Somebody call Jose’ and his brother

yo…were in bp are you son?

North end representin’!
you from around here?

bill, wake n bake? i try to invite waterburry heads but it has to be on the weekends or certain weeknites. jose will make an exception, he works in trumbull so he pass our exits all the time, i will hit u up to see whats up. you should hit up mike n leon

Yo Dru!!!
Can I get a reply?!?!