The CT Thread

Crap, if you’re going soon, I won’t have enough time to go and waste all the scrubs (no offense to you danbury peeps, but after getting my ass handed to me over and over in CvS2, it’s time for vengeance!). Oh well, next time I go, I want you to bring Xerlic and jiyuna. REVENGE WILL BE MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!!!


It’s a sad, sad day when I post a shittalk-filled challenge in MvC2 and it’s countered by GGXX talk.

Sure is!


rolando or someone, have them change the boards in the cabinets. see if they will put ggxx in the cvs2 cabinet

do u really think they would do that jaime? i dont think so but if you want them to do that, you try asking them. plus A.J would be a bitch and reject it anyways cuz hes gay like that

oh ok, my regards to ryan i saw him friday and we have yet to have our cyclops match. if yall decide to come to danbury this week i’ll see what i can do about coming too, it’d be fun to play ggxx…

button layout

this is game world so it is most likley wrong. i think the whole cabinet is worth like 10 or 11$ the buttons on 1 side are drilled really close to the bottom and on the other side they are drilled on an angle. The joysticks are pretty bad also.But oh well a shitty cabinet is better than no cabinet

Is it:



Because that is the correct layout.

That is not the correct layout, the correct layout is

P - D that is the standard for playing ggxx in arcades and is well known in the scene.

I played you before? O_o

Josh, you guys gonna be at Shin Teatime on Saturday? Maybe I’ll see you there.

what fuckers

i think it is
k hs

yeah it is, i recomend no one waste their time to go play on the danbury ggxx cabinet until they fix the button configuration

Does danbury still have MvC2? If so, does anyone go up and play? i wouldnt mind driving up there for good comp or atleasta get together.


Actually Xerlic you might have seen Big Bad Mog for a brief two seconds at Otakon. I also saw you there. The person he wants revenge on is Jiyuna…who I also want a rematch against cuz he fucked up my Baiken.

Yo Jaime, sorry I didn’t tell ya sooner about the button layout differences between arcade and ps2. It’s something I’m going to have to get used to as well.

this cabinet is wacky it has a ticket slot

dru, there are only a few players but the better ones you already played like rolando and eli. you been to danbury before i hear, nothings changed really

i wouldnt mind you coming to play us dru, jaime is right. there rnt many players here and u already did play the a few. u should come sometime, if emera hears ur down here, he’d definitely come play too. i’d like to play against you too, knowing i wont win but i’d like to see how much i improved. send me a pm and we can plan something. i wouldve went friday night with emera but i had to work and no one would cover for me.

Play only Marvel Vs. Capcom 2