The CT Thread

well im back i guess no one showed there were 2 kids i beat a bunch of times that was it, where was everyone? are people actually going to go tommorrow?

Um I can’t go tomorrow, it is my cousin’s birthday and I have to pick up my aunt and stuff and it sucks I was actually looking foward to doing something saturday oh well I ordered my cousin’s gift and it is coming monday and too late for her birthday so that’ll show 'em…

i was there, large kid black shirt big curly hair, played faust and a few other chars. were you the tall white kid in the blue shirt?or the guy in the plaid shirt

hey i was tall white kid in blue element shirt that played milla, GG man, i think they fucked up the dust button so i was confused at first.

yea gg, i think you beat me more times thatn i beat you but oh well. you comming tomorow?

they fucked up that whole cabinet they change the button layout like daily thanks to poeple bitching we had it on the correct layout for about a week. im going to steal the buttons and sell them on the black market

LOLOLOL … im seeing KILL BILL 2 tommorrow but i don’t have a car… someone want to see KILL BILL 2 and take me to mall after so we can “do battle” in GGXX??? PLLLLEEEAASSSEEE i give good head =D

ill go see kill bill with you tomorrow,

josh they changed the controls again, those fuckers omg, im not playing anymore

Kill Bill 2, lets go

ok after the mall closes

i already have plans but i could blow them off and most likley will but i duno. o yea liquid whats your name im Tyler

dont waste your time playing gg with fucked up controls, it will only hurt


wild kitty are you twelve? it’s called a joke lol… im seeing KB2 at 7 somthing

I would love to teach ggxx to you guys but I guess not now… I am going home so sorry for you all who wanted to learn. If you want to learn ggxx I suppose you should go to CF since they fixed their buttons even though it is not on the greatest cabinet. If the buttons were correct I would come down but I doubt they will be changed so you guys unfortuently may not be able to see me play untill ecc.


what time were you guys gunna come,we might be able to get them to switch the dust and HS button so its the correct layout

idk if i can go im DEF going to kill bill 2 at 7:45 though at lowes

Too late now guys sorry I am leaving now =\

yo im so sorry whoever i asked to buy killl bill tickets for me i was really fucking stoned, good movie though not as good as first one again im sorry :confused:

are the buttons going to be changed back or not

i say we boycott GGXX untill they fix it