The CT Thread



i use to be good in ddr but i stopped playing plus i hurt my left knee bad so i can barely play one song now i played once with emera awhile back i quit playing cuz i got mad cuz every ddr machine i use to play on use to be surrounded by some fucking annoying dorks who use to shadow every fucking arrow and dont try to freestyle or some fucking uber anime nerds that piss me off anyways its a fun game i just dont play it anymore fav songs were

cafe hysteria and the hysteria remix healing vision and angelic mix and a couple of others probably cuz i had all the arrows memorized or the what not

o and ummmmm who is john???

Lookn for a xbox 360 arcade stick

someone teach me ddr :frowning:

also i play cvs2 so whatever i play john and got him down to like half his r2 so yea… damn i wish i could go today but i am gonna go to my local arcade at yonkers to see if anything is broken (besides svc in gameplay… i mean the cabinet… ok old joke)


anybody in danbury play tekken tag ?



i play tekken tag :slight_smile:


hehe thanks for the compliment (takes a bow)


ohh hey i played u yesterday :smiley: heh i use to live enar you. im not that great in cvs2 but gg



well, cool…

anybody else help me out here? are there any good tekken tag players at danbury that anybody has ever seen?

anyways, i’m going tonight and i may return the next couple of fridays…


tekken tag hmmm, i wish people would play 3s at danbury D: they need to fix the fking buttons D: i <3 3s


I love 3s.


Danbury sucks now. They got rid of Drummania.


it’s not like people don’t play 3S at danbury it’s just no one is motivated.

oh yea the location of the cabinet doesn’t help either… location location location


Anyone who wants to play tekken tag in danbury is asking for a lot of disappointment. One, there’s just as many people playing that as there are those playing 3s. In short no one plays it. Two, the cabinets have remained fucked up for as long as I can remember. Seriously not worth it.


WYG sucks now, they bought SvC.

PS. Ill ownz you foolz up in 3s :D.


ill have to go ninja with ibuki :] mid tier :smiley:

who do you use in 3s?


:lol: drummania was removed to make room for mvc2…a truly sad day for us all

yeah seems like the game never really picked up over here, the condition of the cabinet is also a negative factor,
we were going to put 3s into the cvs2 cab to get the ball rolling but it never came into fruition…


yes do that add 3s in a cabinet plz~~



i heard danbury is about to get p360s… they suck if you ask me


You must smoke alot of crack if you think P360s suck :, keep banging your head against a wall.


ugh… they’re obviously better but i think they’re too tight


Danbury pwns any upstate arcade in ddr. I’ve never seen any other upstate arcade that’s kept with the game and have so many motherfuckers jumping on that shit. Props to convulsing insults to actual dancing. :claps: