The CT Thread

enfield is north of hartford, exit 47 off of 91…near suffield pretty much in mass. there is a little arcade in a mall here i think its called “tilt” or something like that but i never see anyone in there. but i also hang around the simsbury/avon area as well as new britain. idk if anyone is around there, but if so, let me know.

thanks to everyone who contributed to me having a fun and safe time at ECC. It’ll be one to tell the grandkiddies about.

Battle @ the capital on July 1st and 2nd!

  1. MvC2, CvS2, AE !!
  2. 3S and GGXX/ plus team tourneys for both
  3. NGBC and KOF XI
  4. T5, SC3 (jpn or pal), DOA4. With possible SC1 and TTT tourneys.

3 reasons to come to Battle @ the capital

  1. Team tourneys in GGXX/ and 3S
  2. The re debut of A3, possible Hyper Alpha tourney.
  3. Old school Sc1 and TTT are possibles.
  4. You can come to DC without going to VTYME.


check it out, its in Northern, VA (by George Mason)… prolly a 5-7 hour drive depending on where youre at in CT… I hope some of you can make it, it will be a good time… just let me know if there are any questions

Hope to see you there!!


yo yo yo whos down for some good ol Cvsnk2, 3s, and tekken 5??? Im dyin to spar wit some peeps from CT…i hope you all dont have alot of poser like this state has in street cars :slight_smile:

Evo east, danbury representing. John, get at me about evo.

shibuya good shit at evo

someone make me an avatar

Black Velvet owns CT in his sleep.

yeah but i guess that doesnt apply to stamford,

congrats to Philip of the darkside and Tony the conquerer for holding down the home court.

wow, was just on ebay while i was supposed to be doing work, look what i find

looks like GW is selling some of its games at ridiculous prices. yes i still got it ladies and gents been a while since i have been up here

good shit, good shit

nice diggs, wheres red satin ken?

red satin ken is hitting a blunt somewhere with soo mighty lol

looks like someone bought 3rd strike from game world, wonder whats next to go…

btw- sammy the jumping dog game is still available, only $999.00

i wonder if them selling those machines means the coin prices will drop… i’m thinking about getting back into mvc2 and whatnot

prices have already dropped back to .50, think its more of a sign that the place wont survive the year, 3rd strike is already gone with many other games on ebay.

is anyone still alive in this thread?, if anyone still reads this post up saying such-