The CT Thread


execute homoz

People that are fat and stupid shouldnt talk:lol:



so whos up for the tournyn 01/03/04?:smiley:


execute lataz

hey James
we went all the way to jaimes house to get a chance to play u n your friends for money 10$ a match, but u never showed up,
now we waiting for u to come down here n have some comp

so are u up for this tourney jan 3rd??


We were going to Jaimes house but you had to leave at 8:30, we discussed doing this with Jaime and we kept getting a I DONT KNOW ILL HAVE TO TALK TO EMERA. When James found out it left him minimum amount of time and when all of us were ready to go down you said you didnt have any time. The tournament on the 3rd is questionable, from the rules of cvs2 it seems like its single character also it looks like theres no tourney prize. We were thinking of going to Danbury last week but decided not to last minute, this week we are busy but maybe next week we can go.

How do i anti air with bison?
How do i anti air with bison?


ok i forgot to put the prize money up but its 75 to 1st , 50 to 2nd and 25 to third. thats for both games



but i thought u were supposed to be there at 6:00 or something early like that
i had other stuff to do later in the night
at least we showed up rite??

Single Player Frustrations
Single Player Frustrations

who’s coming down to d-block this friday night or saturday of dis coming weeken?.. post up if u do…

Itslog1 wat u say abotu a new chill out place n stuff let me know more info son…

im out 1.:cool:



The drive for me is considerable, the drive for you is not. Did you show up? Your window of time appropriated for me that night was minimal. Since you already expressed that you had previously made plans for later that night, I’m not sure what your point is by emphasizing that I didn’t show up. My time is very valuable, I consider your invitation to be a waste of it. Prove to me otherwise and I may change my mind.


Yo, you guys all must be smoking crack, the only area that has ANY skill at ALL IS Eastern Conn. You would all get owned:lame: There really is no contest here. Any upcoming tournaments you will see, smackdown city. Keep talking, not gonna get you anywhere.



lol ok anonymous player


i’m coming this week, but if people say more towns than danbury will be there next week, then i’ll come then.

so this place is just like a big ass mall thing, except it has a movie theater, arcade, shopping, all that shit… it’s in white plains, new york… which is like 45 mins. from danbury, well actually i live further south than this place, so it’s like 40 mins. from danbury… i’ll keep yall posted.


hehe I have no clue who the hell you are but you are right :). EAST CT 4 LIFE(even though we have 4 players :slight_smile:

How to Akuma? Pls Help!

ight man, i like to go other arcade n shit to check it out n c what good also any new games n shit but yea if that shit open n stuff i b down there…

D-block friday 5 after
D-block saturday 12 after

im out 1


yo dont go to danbury on friday… well actually i dont care. the more street fighter people the better. Dont bring anybody that playes ticket games though… for each ticket i have to count i will kill you… so yeah come friday or saterday i will be the asain guy working at gameworld in danbury


ill take u

yo nigga me and you MVC 2 friday brian bitch:lol:


Uh-unh! Fuck that! I want my rediculously overpriced fake plastic snake and liquid bubbles necklace!


come down

yo i will be der this weekend come on down so i can serve you nigga



im sorry James
hold on, they say u the best on esat coast shit like that
but everytime u comdown here i have to beat u at least 2 times n ibarely ever lost to one of ur crew members .
so how can i prove to u that u not wastin ur time.
plus i have a life something that u dont like i have a job and a family and bills to pay… peace come down well c …



anybody coming down to D-block 2mr nite ? if u r comin down post up

tickets games im not bad at those u know lol
But i like sammie better tho if anybody dont know what sammie games is shame on u … cant miss that…

im out 1 …:smiley:


I’m definitely comin down to danbury for saturday afternoon and night… Unless I die after I post this, because I have a lot of other business to take care of there anyways. Hope fully others will post up that they are goin too.

But I see mad new people posting here, well I probably know all yall anyway… I’m the white guy from yonkers who plays mag/cable/cyc…But this time hopefully ill rep with sent/mag/iron man