The CT Thread


your 3s cabinet sucks then fuck that i aint gonna watse my time to play cvs2 i dont veen really play that game no more wait lemme correct myself i dont play that game no more

ok i shoudlnt say it sucks. It sucks compared to the CvS2 cabinet. The CvS2 is on like a bigs creen tv and the stick is away from it a giant cabinet. The 3s is on a normal regular cabinet. It doesnt suck i just used the wrong words. MY ken pwns 3rd strike III special. Iplay 3s on it and its fine dont be a bitch go!

what time are people gonna show up on friday night?

iplay cvs im going at 4 and staying till 7:30 this thread pwns its about damn time. what u ganna wear when u there and what u look like and what team u use?

i probably played u before…im the asian kid who sometimes use the K-groove big guys team (chang, honda, raiden/zangief)…ill be there around 5pm

see ya then. i use blanka iori and ken. god dmanit keep this thread alive i live for it :[]

I will say fuck it and play overpowered top tier characters and will Roll Cancel all over you guys :D. K groove Characters<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<A Sakura!! Also dont be afraid to ask me any questions about the game I will share my knowledge :).


what a groove sakura knowledge? lol :lol:

people ask james how to play dont wate your time with frodo lol

everyone go to danbury tonight (friday)!!!

yeah ok about 25 people were there friday night it was awsome. However none of u fgts on the fourms showed up D: still a great turnout!!!:cool:

I was there last night, along with alot of other people from the forums so I dont know what your talking about :P. I played the A sakura/blanka teams and guile/blanka/sagat and I tag teamed with my friend tony and James. IplayCvS2 was the asian guy playing K groove Big guys and A groove Kyo.

ohhh shit. u werent that bad heh. i wanan go to arcade tommorrow i just made up some hot 8 hit ken combos that r easy to execute and do a ton of damage.

i hope all u danbury players would show

Hey for Liquid are any of you guys going to trumbull mall saturday for the MvC2 tourey? J/W since your holdin a mvc2 tourney at your house.

1st of ALL BERCARDIE OR WTF YUR NAME IS CHANGE YOUR AV ABCK ROLL CANCLE THAT SHIT WAS SO FUCKING FUNNY!!! neway nah man mvc2 is scrub sheeet. We just want it for show :]. Im going to danbury today and im going tothe cvs2 tourny in milford. see ya there

I dont play mvc2 myself anymore but I gotta support my scene so Im going :D. It will be fun to play the game again since I havent played it since the last tourney I was at. Ill check out smiles for the danbury crew and give you a heads up on cabinet condition and how good the competition is.

Danbury CT got a gianrt screen japaneese mvc2 cabinet. Its int he fornt next to the awsome giant cvs2 cabinet!

Id like to own you guys up but the japanease mvc2 is time released and all the characters arnt playable yet :(.

im sure you can still own them playing low-tier characters

I was going to advertise the Smiles tournament here again but I just realized that none of the people who posted in this treat are actually from Danbury…:bluu: