The CT Thread


waka and i r from danbury…


i thought u 2 are from Westchester NY


well we play at danbury twice a week and live 8 mins away so…were half danbury i guess lol;)


I goto Foxwoods once a year for tournaments and was hoping to get some SF action between rounds. So is there a good arcade near Foxwoods?


No but the best player in CT lives in Norwhich by Foxwoods. Amakusablahgblahabdlkdhaldasd you can try to contact him through private messages if you want to play.


my dad is going to a poker tourny its texas holdem or stud i forget on saturday so im going to smiles for a cvs2 tourny. its not thta far is it?


Damn does anyone at danbury even play Third Strike?:confused:

Everytime I go there I see people play cvs2, like Emera, and Third Strike isn’t even given any recognition. If ya ask me I’d rather play people in that than gay cvs2.:bluu:


when in the year do u go to Foxwoods?


danbury has a 3s machine?
where in Danbury is this arcade?
the college I’m going to in the fall is about 40 minutes away from Danbury, and I’ve got no classes on fridays, so for me it’ll be a hell of a lot more convenient to go there than it is now…
and from what I hear the machines aren’t constantly broken like they are at the Palisades Mall…


It’s in the Danbury Fair Mall, danbury’s one and only mall. The arcade is called Gameworld located in the food court. There are times where the machines fuck up actually, hell a lot of times. Wish those bastards who work there would take better care of their shit, let alone break change for people. The tekken machines there are out of the question, controls have been busted up to retardation. The cvs2 machine would have occasional stick problems, and they did have an mvc2 machine there before but it got real busted up and I think that’s why for a period of time they took it away. However now they have a new mvc2 machine and they need help unlocking characters cuz it’s the japanese arcade version. The Third Strike machine usually isn’t touched, hell everytime I go there no one is even playing it. And since people seldom touch it, it’s rarely as busted up as the other games.


the cvs2 machine will probably be busted soon too…this dude i was playing against last friday night banged on the machine really hard at least twice to release his frustration caued by his 10 games losing streak


Sux, especially since I’m going down there this weekend. I heard that the machine was weird enough as it is since you guys switched the buttons between the cvs2 machine and the mvc2 machine. Doesn’t look like things are good with no one playing 3s, cvs2 being busted up as always, and mvc2 not having its entire roster due to the fact that no one has a fucking clue how to unlock them in a japanese arcade cabinet.:bluu:


fuck i play 3s a lot im useually play the cpu though lol. I think if 3s wa sin the front a lot more people would play. If people go firday night ill play.



I never really knew that danbury had third strike til the beginning of this summer when I wandered to the back, as my friends played cvs2, and I found it. The sticks and shit aren’t so bad, just that no one else was playing it. I hear that it’s more popular in trumbull than it is in danbury.


I ussually ask people if they wanna play…:bluu: but the layout is kinda fux0red up. Id just win all day on it anyways :smiley: .


AMinorthreat, did you check out the replies on your mvc2 japanese cabinet problem thread yet? One guy said something about inputting test mode codes, any ideas?


danbury has some alright players emera and who’s da guy wit the hat? tell me who’s the best so i can come and beat you


theraven EVERYONE goes friday nights around 5:00 thats when the competition is good. It useually takes 20 mins to wait to play so we can hit up 3s after we coin up or play mvc2


20 mins? what are u talking about…its more like an hour


Shit, too bad I can only come on sunday and I take it that’s when things are dead.

Can we talk about the structure of tiers for a second?