The CT Thread

If you’re looking for loose jailbait sluts who barely made it out of high school that’s basically the type of girls that overrun po-town. No, none of them even comes close to pretty…or cute for that matter. I only know a very small amount of banging babes (legal) and they’re already smart enough to know that they gotta get outta here. Danbury’s got better girls than the ones here and I wouldn’t doubt it if White Plains would as well. Like I said anywhere is better than po-town.:lol:

I’m not surprised that the galleria over there is going out of business. 4-5 floors that are each the size of a domestic living room isn’t the type of mall that I’d see going far.

There’s really nothing to do here at all…po-town is just one of those places where it’s just (excuse my choice in words) white trashed and full of them hicks and rotten trucker people that you see so much in tv…the types whose asses tend to get kicked all the time by walker texas ranger. There really isn’t a lot of good selection of bars and clubs here…one place per preference to each group of people and then they just stick to it. Trust me on this one, my friend and I drove around all over town last summer to see if there were anywhere worth hanging around. So far we’ve been to a smelly park next to the river for nature freaks, the county fair where all the trailer trash gather around, empty streets, and currently our once empty roads are taken up by traffic from all the city people who are moving up here since last year. THERE IS NOTHING IN PO-TOWN FOR ANYONE…AVOID THIS DIRT TRAP AT ALL COST.

I never appreciated Danbury until now :rolleyes:

Visit my town for a max of one hour and you will.:lol:

where do you live

Liquid :

   heard u went down on sat but u asked one of mah friend that where i was, well i was workin mah bad. but i told them n they fixed da GGXX machine n the configuration is on the right way now . 

GGXX setup

k s hs
p () d

 well got it fixed so if u still want to play post up n let me know ight 1 .......

ok, that’s awsome how they fixed it good job =D

try to get new sticks, danbury would be a hot spot for GGXX then

edit : left controls work too right?


I was tghere saturday to but after i won on each machine everyone left :(, I even won with eddie in ggxx on the side that has no dust button against like 3 kids lol to funny


your an ass
why didnt you post or tell anyone that you were coming?
are you that childish?
are you the type of retard who would show up randomly and then act like big shit because no one was “tghere”?

you are but a ball of sweat upon danbury’s anus
do yourself a favor
go away-

I think this guy needs a hug too…

awww… come here

i have to buy some shit at the mall if i have time i will stop by GW maybe for a few rounds later

Yo itslog and generic guy, you guys down for hanging out sometime at the arcade and whatever? You too Jaime. I don’t know when I’ll be able to go to danbury…I actually need a ride:bluu:…but if I do somehow get there we should game up.

hey, sorry i couldn’t stay longer my ride came we barely got to play :frowning: i’ll try to come soon, GG Dragon we should def play for money sometime =D

also are they going to fix the sticks?


Re: saturday

You wanna play me for money?? I dont see me posting that I whipped everyones ass? I didnt say noone as there I said I played people but when they lost they left only one match that was it.

who the fuck are you no name scrub before you try to call me out atleast be worth my fucking time.

Your nothing but a dribble of come that leaked out of your moms anus do yourself a favor and kill yourself.

Yeah, but I gotta go fishing on Sunday, and I don’t think I’m gonna have time to go to GW :bluu:. But I’m gonna be there next Friday and Saturday.

Anyway, this guy at EB says he’s gonna give me GG1 for 10 bucks! Whooo! :smiley:

Hey Deadspace, I’m down for some gaming too. I suck at CvS2 (but I’ll still play you) but I’m average in GGXX, and I read a few posts back that you went to Japan. I just have some questions about Japan and the language, if you’re willing to answer them. :slight_smile:

I didn’t go to Japan…yet. Not going to go into it cuz im going through shit about it…

Anyways I’m decent in the language but not as good as where I would want to be…but I know quite a bit about the country from my many Japanese friends.

First off I will give you one piece of advice that you must hold as valuabe knowledge above all else when it comes to the subject of Japan:

DO NOT keep a mentality from now to the point that you will go that Japan is an anime utopia. If you do you will suffer chronic depression!!!

I will stop myself now before I begin ranting about this like an old fart. But feel free to ask.

Anime utopia? What, you think I was some kind of otaku or something? :lol:

After almost getting banned from the Otakon forums for telling people to fuck off for jokingly calling a school murder of a little girl in Japan as “a coming of the BR act,” “the end of jculture,” (what the fuck do they know about jculture?!) and my personal favorite “we exchange them our school killings for their anime,” I’ve officially lost hope that anyone from America would take the Japanese culture and its people seriously.

Well, I am a yearly attendee of Otakon… but I’ve never posted on their forums. I don’t think I want to now.

If I were you I’d lose faith too. I’m not like that though, trust me. Battle Royale was a cool movie, and I thought the book was even better. I’m a self-proclaimed Asianophile, and my interest does expand outside of Japan. I know the Japanese have as much crap as we do, etc. Just don’t assume everyone who’s interested in Japan is a fucking otaku like those on the Otakon boards. It is short for “Otaku Convention” after all. What else would you expect?

I give credit that there were SOME kids at the Otakon boards who actually took the culture very seriously. It’s a sensitive subject for me because a lot of my Japanese friends always feel embarassed when anime is mentioned to them. Not just them, the majority in Japan. To a lot of them they feel that anime placed a false image upon them. A lot of my international Japanese friends who tutored back in school get kinda nervous or embarassed when they work with 101 students and they tell them that they got interested in learning Japanese because of watching anime. I certainly feel bad for my Japanese buddies. It isn’t just all otakon either…it’s been this way since high school for me when I hung out with a lot of fanboys and fangirls and I always knew that what they conveyed to be Japan was wrong.

Adding on to it my mom’s racist towards Japanese people because of the war and how they took over my grandmother’s village. So that goes into effect as well when I hear my mom criticize them to this day.

I didn’t mean to offend but for as long as I remembered when it came to getting to know people who were interested in Japan they ALWAYS start talking about anime, starting putting on the “kawaii” act, and then they start falling for the stereotypes. Not immediately but it builds up quick. If I was to point out some fact to them about Japan they complain that they don’t want to hear it. So far I’ve only met two nonjapanese people who took the country seriously and I know that cuz they would start trying to talk to me in Japanese, talk about their times when they visited Japan, and they keep the anime talk to a minimum…or none at all. It isn’t just an otakon thing…it’s more of gradual build up while growing up.