The Cthulhu board (assembled). $35, Free Shipping

I’m selling my Cthulhu board i bought last year, apparently, im not even using the stick i created it with, i have no need too since im constantly using my first custom stick i created.

So im selling it, as well as Happ Concave Buttons and a Happ Super Joystick for dirt cheap if anyone is interested in that for the future.

Any Buyers?

PM sent.

PM Sent

sorry, first come first serve.

Sleazoid gets it.

What color happ parts and how much? Pics?

8 White Happ Concave Buttons, 1 Black Happ Concave button, 1 Happ Start Button, and a Black Happ Super Joystick.

was thinking about selling the buttons for $1 each…and the Joystick for $10.

…All with Free shipping.

lol how did you manage to play that stick…it doesnt have any space to let your hand to rest on…

just trust i managed…lol

i know damn well people in here will not accept it as a whole…so im selling it piece by piece.

sorry, concave buttons aren’t my cup of tea, i like the crate as a stand though, I was thinking of stacking about 3 or 4 crates high and using that as a wider base for a stick stand