The Current State of Modern Day Gaming


Okay so this morning, I discovered Microsoft have abandoned it’s policies regarding the Online DRM requirement and the mandatory 24hr online “Check in” and removed them entirely from the console with a Day-1 Patch (Yeah I know, I’m late to the party).

Since then I’ve seen hundreds of comments dotted around the internet praising Microsoft for doing the “Right thing”. I’m just thinking, is this gaming community this incredibly gullible and easy? (Of course Microsoft did the right thing. But it took the voice of millions of gamers and even based Sony mockery for them to do anything.)

When I got my first PS2, The very first game I slotted into the console was Shadow of the Colossus. Which to this day remains one of my favorite games of all time. Then when I ditched the PS2 for an Xbox, I remember loving Halo 2 and Forza. They were whole games.

Fast forward to the PS4 and Xbox One and to some extent, the PC. We currently have.

  • Online Multiplayer Passes
  • Season Pass / Premium Services
  • Overpriced / On disk / Day 1 / Rehashed DLC

It’s getting to the point where even if you Pre-Order a game and have it delivered on release day, you’re not getting the complete package. You are going to have inevitable DLC, Maybe Day 1 DLC (Mass Effect 3…) and god forbid a code you have to enter just to play with friends…Oh…Wait, you buy Pre-Owned? Too bad. Pay them more money.

I would completely understand Online Passes if the company authorizing them wasn’t insanely wealthy and voted the worst company in the USA. Why did they implement stuff like this?

Why have gamers lost their voice and turned into a community that just takes what it’s given without a word of protest? It took the Xbox One and it’s (Let’s be real. Quite close to bordering illegality) policies for anyone to properly speak up against it. Why can’t we do the same against EA / Activision and god knows who else.

We’ve gone from loving quality, well made games, to a game that “Just works”

What gives?


I concentrate myself more on PC gaming for this topic. Back then(works also nowadays actually), buy a game with a physical copy from a store, install it and if not wanted anymore, sell it or give it away, the game was fully yours, you got even a game manual with lots of pages, my Gothic 1(Action RPG. Metascore: 81) had up to 100 pages and a huge box, the game was also great with a German Medieval Metal band appearing there and singing on Swedish. No DLCs, but a lot of mods and also patches with no auto updates like it is now on Steam. I was amazed, when I bought WWE 13, how thin the game manual was, lol, also it has a crapload of DLC like an Online Pass, which is even more expensive than the game itself. Concerning the game quality, I liked the older Wrestling games more than WWE 13(better story mode, better roster). Also concerning the Gothic series, the first 2 games were great, then it began to suck more and more.

They have now on Steam a weekend sale of the publisher Paradox Interactive(This sale is from 20th June to 24th June and which games get higher discounts is of course depending on the day, so today games like Magicka or The Showdown Effect are on sale.). There are some things that piss me off, when I see this sale, like other things on Steam and the modern gaming, but let me count, what I do not like about this sale and also some other things about Steam.

The problem is that gamers simply support these things, I mean I am always amazed, when I see, how many people buy the newest COD games, just saying.

  1. Some games like Magicka or Crusader Kings II are having a shitload of DLCs, some of them can be sold with the main game as a complete collection. But some of these complete collections aren´t always complete, so DLC is missing and it is possible that in the future, more DLC will be released. The new released DLCs are first at all having the full price, then they get discounted very fast.
    Calling something a Complete Edition, which isn´t actually complete is retarded and if you want to get the missing DLCs, you have to pay, when you have bought the current “Complete Edition”, because it isn´t complete.

Another example, during October 2012, they had a sale for all Total War games of Sega. There was also a Complete Collection of all Total War games for around 32€. However, DLCs were missing, I still bought, because I thought, that it was a good deal. Two months later, Winter sale: Again a sale with a Total War Complete Collection, now with all DLCs, price:32 €. Dumb. I had to pay atleast something around 25€ for the rest DLCs. This is scamming.

  1. They have also a game called “March of the Eagles” on sale. Release date:18th Feb 2013. Was even on yesterday 75%, had a price of 5€(Price on relase was 20€.)After four months, it was 75% off, this is not great for those, who bought or preordered during the release, Square Enix likes to give huge discounts after a release, just, if I see this, it isn´t great for me to buy a lot of games during their release, because they get after a few months heavily discounted.

  2. The price difference of different regions, Australia gets really shit on. Find a trader, who can get games from a region, where ROW games or even Uncut games are sold and also much cheaper on example, Crusader Kings II costs in Germany on the Steam store 20€, a trader on TF2 outpost might sell this for around 5 TF2 keys(Each key costs now less than 1,70€, game is also ROW). Clearly a ripoff. Hell trading is in most cases a much better option than buying, also a way to get games, which can´t be sold in your region or are uncut.

4.Not all games are having at the same the same discounts, so miss one day, then the discount is also gone for these games.

5.Game without DRMs give you the opportunity to install your games, whenever you want, games with DRM have the problem, if the DRM suspends your account, then the games are also not available, as long it is suspended, the reasons for suspension or banning can be various, not always your fault. DRM-free games are really games, which are owned by the user, games with DRM are just giving you the license to use them and they can even revoke them, if they think that you violated something. DRM free games can be shared also with friends, unlike, what is now on Steam and etc.

  1. The fact that one DRM is not enough, you also need another like Uplay, Kalypso or something else, if you want to play certain games like Ubisoft games.

7.Many of the games from this Paradox sale, could have been turned out much better, some are still very good, just they could have been still better.

There are more reasons, just I want to stop now, will add more, if I find them.


Everything Microsoft did happened exactly as I said it would.

There were two options:

  1. Gamers willing to put with Microsoft’s bs and then others like Sony would join in.
  2. Gamers reject Microsoft’s bs and Microsoft has to back track then others are kept in check due to competition.

It’s your money, it’s your choice who and what to support.


It’s simple really, gamers started to see companies as their friends and the companies took full advantage of this whilst their bitchmade fanboys defend their every move whilst moaning about how ungratefull people are for the ability to give a company money in exchange for a fraction of the product they would have had a few years ago.

And half the ones who aren’t fanboys are weak willed saps who can’t even wait for a pre-owned version of a game they are moaning about being fucked over with DLC/Online passes/ect let alone boycott, all this “Yeah it’s really bad but it’s still about the games” or “But if we don’t support this one we won’t get a better one later” bullshit as they hand over money after money to get fucked in the arse.

It’s the companies fault for taking liberties, but man if these bitchmade motherfuckers aren’t at least part of the reason the publishers ect. got so cocky to try and get away with this shit I don’t know what the hell is.


How many gamers do you know that see companies as friends? As I see it, there is a large number of “gamers” that will buy anything because it’s new. Many people are so dumb that they can’t think for themselves and buy into propaganda. Like with Apple brainwashing its user base into thinking their stuff is made in the USA when it’s using slaves in China. I know this kid that thinks his tablet is far more powerful than a laptop and he refuses to acknowledge differences in technical specs. Maybe I should ask him if he wants to do a trade, I give him $8k and he gives me $32k because he obviously thinks that 8 > 32 smh. :shake:


How else do you explain fanboys and people defending draconian drm restrictions on used games because of these “starving artist” major developers.

Hell I’ve see one guy even compare an instance where a games company (I think it was Nintendo but can’t remember for certain) was getting sued a while back to being like suing Santa, shit is ridiculous.


Actually that isnt a problem. Sony straight up isnt allowing online passes on their console. You only pay the $50 a year to play online and thats that. Games that are F2P dont require the PS+ subscription, such as PlanetSide2


I really didn’t know that about the PS4. That’s cool.

Just to add, before someone posts “That it’s just common business sense”

It’s genuinely not. Take the reaction of the Xbox One, I’ve never seen such a shift in loyalty towards the PS4 in all my life. People were willing to drop a console like that and move without a shadow of a doubt. Does that not make a point that actually giving a fuck about the gamer is the strongest position to take these days? Can you imagine how well a next gen CoD would sell if they announced free monthly maps or skins and other features just for free? That CoD game would sell through every single roof on the planet, heck, I’d even buy it.

CoD is the prime example of a terrible “Modern” FPS. Churned out every year with minimal additions that Y’know. Don’t change anything and don’t justify the price. It’s a cash cow. Same with Halo.



The problem is not only that CoD is a cash cow, it is also the fact that these games are always getting high scores on reviews, atleast 80 points and more, despite having shitty DRM or 50€+ DLCs, which are also crap.
They are also great for the casual gamer, because you can easily get a K/D there. Also keep in mind the advertising for these games. I hope that ARMA 3(They sell it now for 25€. It is now in Alpha state, if you buy it now, you get the full game later) will become a great game and also succesful, just I think it won´t get the same score like BF3. They will find reasons to shit on it, either it will be the graphics, controls, it is too hard, not noob friendly, because you die after 2 shots.


I hate to sound cunical but Sony would have done the same damn thing, they just got lucky MS spilled the beans first so they saw the backlash and quickly adapted.


Was the Xbox One DRM leaked before the first PS4 reveal? Because I’m pretty sure info like that would have leaked HARD.


I think just slightly after. I also dont think it was really leaked. More like rumored and speculated from some patents M$ filed wasnt it? I dont really remember. That was many moons ago


After Adam Orth proceeded to perform the remarkable act of putting both feet in his mouth while still standing, I’m sure Sony saw the huge backlash and decided to play the waiting game on DRM shenanigans while Mircrosoft sank its own battleship before even leaving the dock.

That said, people can get upset at the state of modern gaming, but blaming the developers/publishers is only part of the problem… The other culprit in all this bs is we, the consumer… Gamers have some of the most terrible battered wife syndrome I have ever seen.

I look at the whole thing with Capcom/Ninja Theory and DmC and shake my head that there are STILL people who defend that game and its makers despite the fact that they went out of their way to mock and insult a dedicated fanbase and one of the most beloved characters of the modern era.

The same people who whine about there never being any great games anymore, yet seem to go simultaneously blind, deaf, and broke whenever a new Platinum* title drops… But will bitch and moan when they release a title on a Nintendo platform.

I don’t understand why the majority of gamers and straw feminists don’t get along; they are just alike-- Whiny, emotional, and completely devoid of logic…


Modern day gaming is fine and classic gaming is overrated (though still awesome). I do agree that some of today’s DRM practices are worrisome though.