The Current State of the World thread

The un has released reports about this issue. basically they state the same thing and say that by 2050 shit is gonna get real. Hence why there was a uprising in libya. they have massive water reserves underground.

Holy fucking shit… can we just destroy those evil motherfuckers and their poisonous practices?

We need to.

Like, now.

INSANE evil… they are MAKING the problem, refuse to FIX it, and now want to INVADE a country that has massive reserves, in order to control the supply, for however long it lasts.

They need to be stopped yesterday.

Can’t have a military when the majority of your soldiers are just as fucked over as the general population has been.

Kinda puts things into perspective about peak “whatever”

oh some egyptian guy is claiming to be the Mahdi…



Some Aramaic guy claimed to be the Messiah 2000 years ago.

Can’t fuck the world up much worse than that did.

Someone made a thread: Obama Executive Order March 16th

Also, even though Congress shut down Obama cause they’re bought out by health insurance companies, the American people should try to get the government to offer health insurance and the people should have the right of choice of which to use.

And another NDAA thread: Obama signs NDAA Martial Law

I talk to some old heads and they tell me that living in the 60’s and 70’s was no different than it is today. A constant fear of apocalypse, and everyday is worse than the last. I don’t really know how true that is, but Earth seems completely fucked at this point.

Fact: People don’t care because they’re too busy throwing their money at Apple.

I wanna go to college, but i need money, in order to get money, I need a job, but in order to get a job these days I’ll need a college diploma. So it’s a fucking circle. I get flak from my parents from not finding any work and think I’m just lazy.

Yeah, try finding work when the entire economy, job market, rising tuition costs every semester, and the past 3 generations against you. And don’t tell my it’s my fault when I haven’t had the opportunity to actually make it my fault.ébec-students-strike-over-tuition-hikes

Give them this speech (works like a charm):

I believe I may just do that next time.

yeah, but back then you were getting paid enough that your wife didn’t work, and prices for gas/food/bills wasn’t rape. The only fear was the fear of nuclear war, which in its own sense you could just plainly ignore depending on where you lived or how fucking smart you were.

As of now, the corporations have complete and total control. Back then, it was just the military industrial complex that was worrysome. Now fucking clothing companies and toothpaste companies and movie studio’s hold the government hostage with their demands.

Every time I hear about industry demands, or how it will affect business, NO thought is given to our rights, and needs. Rent is barely affordable, and if you are single and live on your own, most of your costs of living are way too high.

Best said on SNL:

A decent op-ed piece from the Jazeera, about how “our” ideas are strongly influenced by the ruling class (sorry, the smart and successful class):

I get a lot of shit for even trying to broach this topic irl. This is pretty much why I can’t stand anyone I’m around. NYC is becoming *more *of a haven for soulless money grubbing assholes.

The lack of oil will be our undoing before carbon-based global warming will ever reach a critical point. Fossil fuels make the world go 'round.

Fortunately, the set of possible solutions for each one overlaps the other to a large degree.

Precisely. To make matters worse, alternative energy solutions are a complete crock. None of the current solutions are equivalent or even remotely convenient like fossil fuels. Only on a selectively domestic level do these weak solutions come even close to fulfilling their promises.

In short, the Laws of Thermodynamics be a motherfucker…

The people who supposedly do care too just bitch and moan on message boards about how fucked we are all the time then later that night go out and have a beer with their buddies, come home jerk off to some porn then go to bed… basically live a normal life while pointing the finger at everyone else about how we are completely ignorant and need to do something when they do jack shit themselves besides be keyboard experts on all topics.

Tell that to the idiot in chief and his energy czar.