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Promotional Girls Defend Their Work During Fiery Feminism Debate | Good Morning Britain

and also from the perspective of a female driver on grid girls.

This is an interesting topic for me as it points out that women hate (hell even some men) when others are successful at something they feel they shouldn’t deserve to be in. I do love the second video.


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1:50 Holy shit, the TV program is so PC that they even blurred pictures of them in work cloth.


In a shocking turn of events, Feminists somehow continue to find new and innovative ways to make women more miserable. Looks like there isn’t a glass ceiling on the amount of suffering women have to be subjected to by their “allies.”


Motherfucking cowards


Dutch senators have approved a new law that makes everybody a potential organ donor unless they decide to opt out of the system.

The new system narrowly passed a vote in the upper house of the Dutch parliament Tuesday. The lower house last year passed the legislation with a one-vote majority.

The new law’s drafter, lawmaker Pia Dijkstra, says under the new system — which is similar to donation laws in Belgium and Spain — every person over 18 who is not yet registered as a donor will receive a letter asking if they want to donate their organs after death.

Those who do not respond will be considered organ donors, although they will be able to amend their status at any time.



In Japan everyone a Organ Donor, and if they don’t need your organs it can be donated to science by the state
And you can’t just Opt out, and medical and religious exceptions don’t apply.


It’s the way it should be, when your dead your dead, no reason to stop others from having a life if they can recycle some of your guts.


The opposing argument revolves around when you get people that are more interested in what’s in your dying body than saving your life. It becomes an ethical nightmare, but humanity can be dark like that.


I honestly think for a great deal many thing we need to get rid of Religious Exemption.
Like getting vaccinated, None of this “oh my God will take care of me” bull shit, get vaccinated, and get your kids and pets vaccinated too.
I am not against removing Religious Exemption for Organ donation ether. The Idea that a dead body has more rights than a pregnant woman is ridiculous.

In Japan it’s becomes necessary for such laws as they ran out of room for burial plots. If the Organ donation, scientific endeavors and the Coroner do not need you corpse, only then does the family gets your remains, when the Government is ready to hand your body back.


Fuck that. I would rather have my ashes scattered to the four corners of the earth than have some worthless bastard profit from my loss.

U.S. interests are likely to be hit back hard in Syria, as retaliation for the bombing of Russian troops.


I don’t trust that shit, don’t want any doctor treating me even thinking about what could be done with my organs before I’m actually dead.

Let the families decide afterwards, the dead no longer have a reson to care and although yes you run the risk of the family wanting to bury a whole person thats better than risking doctors perhaps giving up on a patient earlier than they should.


But no one does that. No one ever thinks “Hey Jerry forget the defibrillator, this guys a Organ Donor, look we can get that gal blader we been looking for”

But I think the priority should go Organ and tissue donation > Scientific research > Education > what ever the Government wants > your family wishes > Religion


How very naive of you. :coffee:


No EMT is looking around shopping for Spare parts.


Yep, definitely naive. :coffee:


And you wear a Tin foil hat.


I wear a tin foil hat because I understand how ugly humanity can be.

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At least he’s not grabbing their pussies, right?



You know its been scientifically found that a tin foil hat will only amplify and not block any radio waves


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Darksakul gonna be one of those people who ends up hooking up with a chick only to wake up in a tub full of ice with a missing kidney and a hole in his gut. :rofl: