The "Currently Playing" Game Thread-Discuss Your Games, Vent, Give Props, etc


Right now I’m playing Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. This game is so much fun. I’m glad Luigi didn’t get the shaft and get left out like he did in Super Mario RPG and Paper Mario. Speaking of Paper Mario, I think M&L owns this game. Not only is the combat much more fun than PM’s but gameplay outside of battles is also a blast. Right now my plumbers are nearly at level 20 ands I’m more than 11 hours into the game. I’m also playing Street Fighter EX+@.

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Sonic Heroes. Still not sure I’ll ever get all chaos emeralds without having to cheat.:frowning: This sucks because you HAVE to get all chaos emeralds to fight the true final boss.

A few years from now…Super Mario will compete against Sonic the Hedgehog at the Olympics. Yeah, there will be a game about it. Aint that some bullshit? Crazy. We’re supposed to believe Mario can actually compete against Sonic in some track and field events? Sorry, not buying it. Future POSTTTTTTTTTTT! YEAH.


Sword of Mana: Sucks ass. Leveling up in it is frustrating and most of the side quests or assignments are too abstract to really keep the flow of the game going. You have to really take your time, and I’m the type of person who does take my time.

The helper AI is postively retarded, not knowing how to avoid anything, and the menu system is agrivating at best. To switch weapons and sprits, you have to essentially pause battle for a good 5 seconds to get things straight, not to mention that every enemy is weak to a certain weapon, one of which you have to cycle through about a dozen weapons to find out which is the most effective. For boss battles, it is postively pathetic, especially when your partner has nothing useful at all to contribute, they are better off dead.

a bad game, unless you can stand a total stop and go distruption in gameplay, it’s otherwise a good game.



Oh now that does suck. I hate it when developers pull that “let’s make gamers collect extra crap just to fight the real final boss” garbage. As an extra mission, sure, but as the main focus? No, thanks.:lame:


Naruto Konoha Senki
I play that shit like I know Japanesse.


Drakengard. I like the game when I can kill the enemies with my sword or jump on the dragon and fireball them to death, but if its just a straight dragon mission I dislike the game, but I will keep on going until its done.


I’ve read the manga graphic novels of Naruto vol 1-2 and they were both very good. That screen for that game looks tight. For GBA I take it? I’m guessing the odds are pretty slim we’ll see a Naruto game here. :frowning:


Hit me up on AIM. I got something for you.

AIM handle: SAMixstasy


Ikaruga (Radiant Silvergun 2)

Holy crap!!
This game is way too intense. So fast, so beautiful, so fun.

Ugh, my brain hurts…


Counter Strike. Still mad fun, as always.


Max Payne 2 and Final Fantasy VI.

I forgot the raw fun of old FFs, so I decided to play through it again. And Max Payne 2 to play through that funhouse stage again.


Oh that game rocks! Chain combos, beautiful visuals, a sweet musical score. Too bad it ended far too soon. Only 5 levels! :frowning: Still, the game is excellent and you play it again and again and again and again…:slight_smile:


Just beat Dark Alliance 2 on Hard mode with Ysuran, the necromancer. Gonna go for it on extreme with Vhaidra the drow monk.


I’m kinda upset at how easy Mordoc SeLenmere was, tho, after getting the spells from the necromancer’s epic quest. Shadow Spray really tore him up. Hopefully, as a different char in extreme mode, he’ll be a bit more difficult.


FFVI=BEST FF game EVER!!:smiley:


Despite it’s broken-ness…I pretty much agree.


CVS2, and i’m re-learning MVC2 since i’m 99 years behind, i’m still using spiral/sent teams. GGXX because that game’s just baddass.


Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Great game, but I really don’t care for the judge system at all. It just adds a bunch of speedbumps in the gameplay and is really irritating. Not too crazy about the way you learn skills. Other than that I love it, quality game.


I mentioned earlier that I was playing SFEX+@ and I still am. Really fun fighter. Easy to get into. So far the only characters I’m really not crazy about are Allen Darun or however you spell hsi name. Dude is WAY too slow.


Final Fantasy IX. I still have to beat this game cuz long time ago I started to stray away from it and I erased my file.:stuck_out_tongue: After this I’ll be playing, yes Xenogears.