The "Currently Playing" Game Thread-Discuss Your Games, Vent, Give Props, etc


Anyone here beat Okami? I just fought Oki and was wondering how much longer the game is. I’m in the snow area. I’m fighting a demon with a big igloo on it’s back and I can’t damage it for shit and I’ve tried what I could, but I’m about to switch weapons.


Super Mario 3D Land is one of the best Mario’s period it wears it’s “hey let’s fuse Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Bros 3” influence on it’s sleeve proudly:tup:

I don’t remember Okami that well I’m not sure I even beat it back in the day lol, but it’s a very long game I put in at least 30 hours or so and that’s without me doing the side quests and shit.


Playing Phoenix Wright Spirit of Justice.


Been playing through Doom again to find as much of the secrets and upgrades on my own as possible. Going to focus to KOF XIV too.


Imo the 3D Land/World format is the best Mario format for me


IIRC one more major dungeon area and final dungeon area.
Almost there, really.

Use fire.


Tried trading in Assetto Corsa at best buy, they didn’t take it, because its ass. Went to a lame stop and traded it in for a sealed doom copy. Like I said in the video game thread, the racing Sim is a horrible game on console. I read somewhere its alright on PC with a driving rig but it plays like shit on pad. And the ai is broken. Spent hours on the first race and could not even get top 3 on fucking easy mode. Tried drift event and it sucked just as hard. Game is garbage, its worse than the need for dry/daylight game. I’m looking forward to doom tonight


Nice . I wondered if there wasn’t something to do with elemental powers.


Still playing FF14 and I’ve really gotten the hang of it by now. Having a ball and am on level 16.


I’m picking up Dynasty Warriors 2 & 3 today and I forgot how fun those two games were. Dat Xiahou Dun chain on Lu Bu… Also picked back up CvS2 and I remembered why this was my absolute favorite fighting game in high school and college.


21 hours, beat the game’s 89 missions.

Found a
Megazord / VOLTRON


4 players can jump in.

2 BUSTER CANNON arms. Driver (can’t shoot). Missile cockpit.

NPC’s don’t jump in. Gonna need someone to play this EDF 4.1 game with. (PC $35 sale on humble store / PS4 $27~ mine was a deal, used $20)

The Support character is too tough to play solo in some of these full scale all-out war maps. Even if you can call in more than one robot to the map with air supply drops. Their durability doesn’t refill so you need to call in another if it gets worn down.




I started playing Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty on the Vita. Its pretty buggy, shit has crashed on me twice and other weird shit happens, like becoming invincible and shit. You cant tell the other dudes to “work” like you could in the original two games and that kind makes it…lesser to me. I like the originals better.


Mission I use to grind right now. Good for it. Tons of units and air raids to help out. EXTRA HARD “HARDEST” difficulty I just did there before recording, was just damage sponging and gave worse weapons, lv 0-5 garbage.

Didn’t show off a better looking, less effective vehicle like a bi-pedal robot. Found one that jumps and can float a bit. Railgun tank, Helicopter super sucks.


Horizon: Zero Dawn
Really enjoyed my playthrough of this game.
Traveling through and exploring the expanse of the game ‘world’ made for an interesting journey.
It would be pretty cool to go and check out the other places that were mentioned in the game.
Maybe in a sequel/followup?

Combat was enjoyable against the machines with how the in-game systems worked.
Though things kinda leaned more toward ranged combat (bow, other projectile-based weapons), I liked that there were some melee options available (spear stuffs).
It was really fun trying out various approaches with whatever weapon in various enemy encounters to see what worked and how.
I mainly used the bows and spear, but also include the Tripcaster (Blast Wire lolz) as part of my weapon usage rotation.

As for the machines, pretty solid variety, especially when you consider the mob/aggro potential for encounters.
Corrupted Machines were a nice touch though somewhat limited outside of certain scenarios.
I liked the idea of roaming machine ‘convoys’ that you sometimes encounter while traveling through the world, alongside the various machine ‘sites’ that you discover from time-to-time.
I think more ‘notorious’ machine encounters, like Redmaw, could have a place in the game. Maybe a system likened to the hunts/marks from FF XII, or something, considering the Hunter’s Lodge is there and all, lol.

Kinda wish there was more (new) stuff to do, though, like in the post-game.
More Machine Trials would’ve been nice outside of the standard available set.
Outside of farming for more high-quality mods, I guess I could finish up the data point stuffs, lol.

Maybe I’ll do another playthrough of the game in the future.
It would be nice to play with all of those ‘quality of life’ fixes/adjustments from the get-go (inventory/visual stuffs).

Playing though this game was as expected (to a point), especially considering the ‘stigma’ it had when compared to a certain game series.
IMO, I feel that the game could’ve been something more, especially considering that the (interested) player input from the alpha/beta surveys, which (for better or worse) influenced/shaped the game into what it launched as.

Combat was pretty good with the stance-change mechanic, which added variation/options.
After a while though, some weapon stances seemed to have more utility/focus with their movesets and options, which resulted in using whichever stance was most effective based on one’s experience along with the enemy encounter at the time; truly a YMMV scenario.
Ki Pulse was an interesting mechanic in regards to stamina usage/recovery stuffs.

Much like my MH outings, I eventually opted to do ‘solo-weapon type’ playthroughs, though I did do main/sub weapons stuffs in the early goings.
Hopefully more interesting weapon-types appear later with added DLC stuffs; I quite like the Spear and Dual Swords, with the addition of the Odachi becoming a new favorite.

The game could use more non-humanoid Yokai stuffs, or at least more Yokai variety in general.
I was like “WTFLOL” when RE 4 ‘Las Plagas’ stuffs made an appearance in the 1st DLC, though.


Playing Fire Emblem Echoes and Trails in the Sky 3. Trails 3 is a different game from the previous 2 games. It’s more of a dungeon crawler, with lots of side stories.

Echoes plays a lot differently from other FE games, but that’s to be expected since it’s a remake of a side game. Units take 1 damage minimum, weapon triangle is gone, and casting magic/using weapon skills reduces HP. Units can only carry 1 item at a time, but they always have a weapon that never breaks. You can get special weapons that come with skills, similar to Final Fantasy 9. You don’t know what skills you get until you level up the weapon enough. Certain units are no longer automatically weak to specific weapons; you need certain skills to deal bonus damage to those units now.



Playing Parasite Eve. Not Square’s finest game but it’s enjoyable. I think they threw you into the action too fast story-wise. No build up or mystery behind anything. I’m still on Disc 1/Day 5 so my opinion might change, but overall a grade of B- for me at best.


resurrection indeed.

I’ve always enjoyed this thread and what people has to say about the games they’re playing.

I’m currently replaying all the mario and luigi rpgs. I’m on dream team right now. Though it’s probably the “worst” title In the series (next to arguably partners In time) it’s still a great game that I really enjoy.


Parasite Eve was fun. I still remember the hell that was the Chrysler Building.


Been playing Tales of Zestiria and Dead By Daylight. I should’ve already finished Zestiria but DBD really been taking up my time…