**The CvS1-CvS2 Evil Ryu Thread!**

Evil Ryu is my main man:) Post whatever you want, like…

What do you think of Evil Ryu?

Is his awful defense too much for you?

Is he worth using?

Was he better in CvS1?

What do you think of his Air QCB+K move? It’s too good when using it in custom combos:)
I’ll be posting Evil Ryu Strats, Combos Etc. Later:)


evil ryu

Yep, evil ryu is kick ass except for his defense, but i dont mind because hes my level 2 in k-groove so hes bad ass.:cool:

Was he better in CvS1?

hes much better in cvs,.but hes a lvl 4 unless u have the game on pair match mode.He has an amazing combo all from a simple c.rh which does lots of damage-c.rh,short hurricane kick,short hurricane kickxxDf,Df punch(4get the name)