The D.M.V. (DC_Maryland_Virginia)

It just felt weird going balls to the wall while playing. See, no one taught me how to play fighting games period. Whatever fundamentals I do have were based off playing games alone since I didn’t have many people to show me different. Either way, it seems that the pace was already set and I’m starting to catch up.

and you know that I am down to fuck!

Pat Van Pelt wat?

A better question is why are you searching a section labeled men for women???


Sup D.M.V. My friend is hosting a charity UMVC3 tournament for a project. Just posting this in various threads to draw more players/donators. It’s located in Delaware, but check it out!

Anyone going to FR?

not i

Oh and a VF update on srk main page, NICE!

why does everyone pretend like they wanna play VF.

i do play vf

Because some of them are hilarious?

PVP does not have money to blow…

speaking of which, Slogan and I are having a co-bachelor party in Vegas. Holla if you down to fuck some trannies!

Exposed? :rofl:

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dick picks

Streaming tonight starting around 6 :
Tune in, troll the chat, pray for popoffs

I am, but I planned on flying. I could drive if I found three or four people willing to split the cost, I guess…

Also, I’d be going early so I could see family, so that would have to be accommodated. Of course, as people around here know, seeing my family means free home-cooked food, so it’s not really an inconvenience.

How is it down there? I have never been to Georgia before.

Isn’t Atlanta the new San Fran? :lol: b1gazn doesn’t have to hide his desires while down there. :looney:

What happened with the New Years Day event at Anime Pavilion? Could four players and a station actually fit into that tiny, Pocky-filled hole? I was in CA for the holiday week, but would love to see more regular sessions start up in the Falls Church/Fairfax area, even if it’s in the Anime Pavilion pit or the tar-soaked CyberGrounds.