The D.M.V. (DC_Maryland_Virginia)


saw a CvS2 up here in a Gamestop off 301 for the same price IIRC. wouldn’t be surprised if it’s still there.


one of my friends got cvs2 for like $3 at unique.


thats funny cause my mom always goes there

doubt she looks for ps2 games though.

i go there when i need an ethernet cord. got like a 15ft brand new one for like a dollar something.





Dave & Busters tourney was legit. Good shit to Steve H and Ski.

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Soul Calibur tournament at Xanadu!


Got a question for the OG’s…Thinking about these four things that go into fighters in this order

  1. Strategy
  2. Tactics
  3. Mixups
  4. Execution

Where is the difference in these categories comparing the old games to the new games. I would think execution is simpler today when comparing the two. Are Strategies and tactics the same today as they were before? Interested in reading your knowledge on the subject. If there are other categories I failed to mention that you all think is important, please point that out.


Execution is #1 most important thing in any fighter… without that you can’t do anything else effectively.


Don’t listen to him. He is trolling you.


I’m fairly new to fighting games Tekken in particular and I wanted to know if there where any meetups near Georgetown D.C. I could get into for Tekken or umvc3


There are several people who play UMVC3 who come up from DC area to play in Gtown. PM me your contact info (cell # and email) and I will let you know.

As far as Tekken … um… yeah. Might have to wait till Tekken Tag 2 comes out.


Ok… so… I had no idea whatsoever that Winter Brawl was this weekend. Anyone have room for me?


1.Strategy includes Tactics and Mixups
3.Will to win

These are the tools needed to win.



LOL, execution. Not anymore, according to Seth. The rest of those are work; this is actually applicable to real life if you substitute “execution” for “hard work” and “win” with “succeed”. But you gotta want that shit.


I really hate the fact that I can’t just randomly decide to pack up and go to a tournament the week of anymore. Anyway, I hope you make it; I’ll keep an ear out. I know three people driving up from Georgia, going right up 95. If you can’t find someone local I’ll hit them up and see if they wouldn’t mind a ten minute detour. Just lemme know.


Hmm… I guess I should clarify when I ask about “room”.

Getting there is no problem. I need space in a hotel room.


Hav, I’m sharing a room (with 2 beds) with Deviljin, BBHood, and another Xanadu guy, and if you can’t find something BETTER, you can crash on our floor (I don’t think the other three guys will mind).


I took it as room room in a car. At any rate, if it’s just the three of them in the hotel they would have room for you there as well.


I’m waiting to hear from Shin Oni. So far it’s Me, NeedleCrash, and Agua in a room. If Shin rolls in a room with DarkChild then you can have his spot if you want it.


From our standpoint… 2 builds off number 1 and always will. Bmore an I have had LOOOOOOOOOONG discussions on that an we do it majority of the time watching yall play.