The D.M.V. (DC_Maryland_Virginia)


Depends on what games you’re looking for. The new games: baltimore, waldorf, chantilly/centreville area. CvS2 literally a handful of us still play and are always down as long as the game is at any event. Mvc2: hard to find. So yea, best bet would be to visit Xanadu for the next monthly/cookout in august.


do you guys play AE at Xanadu?


Any poker players here? B1gazn you still hitting up Ctown casino these days? I’m thinking about making a trip this weekend.


Josh: Your pretty close to some good players. Try to hit them up in the facebook group dmv fighting game community. Everyone is kinda spread out. So people post there and meet up etc. I run xanadu so, that’s in baltimore.


you live down the street from me. hit me up and i will connect you with everyone.



Starts @ 12pm, Sunday July 28th. $5 to play @ eStarland



hit me if you have any questions


What’s up everyone,I live in the DMV area and I’m trying to start my own events locally but I also want to attend some local events,I’m just getting started with providing for the FGC,I currently run my own my Online community but I want to start something here,I just discovered about the actual scene in the DMV area,and yea if anyone has any info,or tips let me know!


@Fortune55 @FatMonkey

PM me for sessions. Live in Germantown MD. Play mostly UMVC3, Skullgirls and 3rd Strike. Gonna get Killer Instinct One also so if you’re down to play that I’ll be in there for sure.

FatMonkey, if I end up finding a way to make it out to the tourney I’ll hit you up I guess. Just give me your number or whatever.


If youre really gonna get into the new KI I will get into it with you… if you don’t know ive played 1 and 2 pretty damn seriously so ill jump back into it since i see youve been keeping tabs on it.


Is the stuff on the front page up to date? I’m looking for some VA tourney info for my cousin.

I was looking in Atlantic South for this thread for a while, because I knew VA is considered the south, but here it is in the northern states section.


Whats up va? Anything going down next weekend? Id love to come and unrust :smiley:


Im Anthony trying to join the fb group btw


yo,what’s up,i know i don’t you guys,but i need some help right lol.I just bought a 360 that came with a wireless controller…and i need a wired one to let me use my converter.I need a wired 360 pad so i can use my p3d on the 360.If anyone is in the Gaithersburg,MD area and can hook me up i’d appreciate it.Thank you much if you can help me.Please,if you can help me,please PM me.Thanks.


Would it be ok to advertise myself here? I upload random funny moment videos of 3rd Strike and Melee. You should totally check out a few videos and maybe even subscribe ^.^


Anything going on in manasses or Fairfax


Even though it’s Injustice, still thought I’d post it. Might be a way to meet other DMV FGers.

Pressplay at the Annapolis mall will be hosting its monthly on Aug 31!!! Featured games include marvel injustice and super street fighter 4. Tournament starts at 3 pm sign ups start at 12. We will be streaming live at .venue fee is 20. Double elimination format. Come check out our website at Thanks guys hope to see you there

Note: The $20 is for EACH tournament and the pot quoted is for the minimum number of entrants. Best to Call the store and inquire. I will post more info once obtained.


Anyone in the DMV area know anything about arcade cabinets and trouble shooting them? My KI2 cabinet is having some issues with brightness/color and was wondering if anyone knew someone who could potentially take a look at it. If you know anyone please PM me thanks.


dang, missed the last novadojo. when’s the next session going down jaguar?


I wonder though if there’s anyone near a metro in DC/NoVA that plays KOF besides Jag.


this place is dead… fucking facebook…