The D.M.V. (DC_Maryland_Virginia)


Thereis a couple of places like Xanadu up near Baltimore. Ask to join the D.M.V. Fighting Game page on Facebook.


Awesome thanks. Xanadu I believe is relatively close to me, it is still a pretty active scene?

#6595 check out the anime fighters group, and yes a hand full of us play regularly on Thursdays, and monthlies at Xan when there is a monthly


Yeah, it’s very active. They usually post tournaments and meet-ups on there instead of on here.


I am gonna start posting on here again. In the tourney and events page, I posted the next xanadu event in January.


wow ya’ll still on here i see. Sup playas


Another chapter of SF in the DMV. I hate Facebook (not as much as I hate Twitter) so I’m there sometimes too.


Ahh the memories…


Facebook owns our souls now. HAHAHAHA!!!


Come to Xanadu on June 18th for my cookout/tourney. It’s sad srk is dead. This was our home for years.


Is anyone going to be at Xanadu tomorrow (6/23) or is everyone going to CEO?


Xan is closed tomorrow due to CEO.


Hey you got a room for me to stay in? I know Rugalitarian said he’d be meeting up with you at CEO.


Does anyone know of anything happening around Winchester/Front Royal area? Seems like I’m too far west for the DMV scene and too far north for the SW/Roanoke scene.


Same question except replacing ‘6/23’ with ‘8/11’ and ‘CEO’ with ‘Smash Con’.


[size=7] Road to NEC Monthly


Is it over for our area and gatherings ?


we had the worst 09rs in the country…


I agree


I don’t know what’s going on.