The D.M.V. (DC_Maryland_Virginia)

When would you consider starting?

Serously, if you’re in nova/md area at all you just check out Magfest.

They’ll have candy cabs and put in cvs2, a3, st, mvc2, or whatever you want.

I need CvS2 out in the fucking open like 2 years ago. It was a complete bust all the way in the corner last year.

I’m mad as shit I can’t stay long tomorrow. Is it worth it to come on Sunday?

Friday and Saturday are the big days like anything. Sunday is still pretty good considering they end it pretty late instead of like mid day.

just go to magfest and check it out. find out for yourself. i’ll be there to play kof and drink my ass off. a lot of other players will be there too.

can I fuck some cosplayers?

you might have a chance with this one

I am down to try anything at least 3 times.

anyone know what cabs will be at magfest?


ill let you touch my penis if you’re a cutiepie


maybe we can threesome with kenintights too, oh man im already wett now.

Hello MD, I’m showing up to the Xanadu monthly on the 21st, I was wondering if someone can house me for that weekend?

Ya thats what I thought.

What time do the Wednesday night sessions start?

I’m down for Friday. Also down for Sunday and maybe even Saturday.

Come around 7-ish. The place gets popping around that time.

Can’t house but I am down burn something.

I lost 45 lbs and I look so cute.

its winter, you probably gained some seasonal lbs, honey.

I think keninblack is not gonna want you

Fyi, running a SCIV Send Off tournament at XG on the 21st.

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I do pull ups to see into keninred’s window