The D.M.V. (DC_Maryland_Virginia)

I guess I’ve some practicing to do. lol

lol tournament was fun. even if we got raped in grand finals by John Madden

I think you’re dumb as fuck.


Rules for Friday gatherings at xanadu.

I will start it about at 8 or 9 pm on Fridays.

5 dollar venue fee however, for people bringing setups limit two. Venue will be waived. Setups must be confirmed by me on Wednesday every week. Which means say something to me on Wednesday.

Weekly xanbats winners for any game will be awarded no venue for Fridays.

TOURNAMENT winners for the monthly will be awarded no venue for the month until the next monthly. Step it up md/va

Will be streamed, any food welcome, can be as loud as possible. Pretty much like anything else we have had at X.

I will probably stop our sessions after 5 or 6 am. Maybe later depending on if we are getting ready for majors etc.

Remember this is for you the players. So come out and get our area better. Let’s get a good start at WB and other majors. Ask players questions if your having a hard time on match-ups or just general knowledge.

See everyone there and if it’s any comments please discuss here or on srk or in person to me.

Starting this Friday? Cuz I think I have some free time for this.

Fucking ay, shout outs to Winterbrawl being on valentines day weekend.

Something happened this weekend while playing KOF XIII. I played aggressive and…it worked. Mind blown.

Dude, I’d rather go to Australia. Have a blast.

That’s how you play KoF though.

It just felt weird going balls to the wall while playing. See, no one taught me how to play fighting games period. Whatever fundamentals I do have were based off playing games alone since I didn’t have many people to show me different. Either way, it seems that the pace was already set and I’m starting to catch up.

and you know that I am down to fuck!

Pat Van Pelt wat?

A better question is why are you searching a section labeled men for women???


Sup D.M.V. My friend is hosting a charity UMVC3 tournament for a project. Just posting this in various threads to draw more players/donators. It’s located in Delaware, but check it out!

Anyone going to FR?

not i

Oh and a VF update on srk main page, NICE!

why does everyone pretend like they wanna play VF.

i do play vf