The D.M.V. (DC_Maryland_Virginia)

Because some of them are hilarious?

PVP does not have money to blow…

speaking of which, Slogan and I are having a co-bachelor party in Vegas. Holla if you down to fuck some trannies!

Exposed? :rofl:

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dick picks

Streaming tonight starting around 6 :
Tune in, troll the chat, pray for popoffs

I am, but I planned on flying. I could drive if I found three or four people willing to split the cost, I guess…

Also, I’d be going early so I could see family, so that would have to be accommodated. Of course, as people around here know, seeing my family means free home-cooked food, so it’s not really an inconvenience.

How is it down there? I have never been to Georgia before.

Isn’t Atlanta the new San Fran? :lol: b1gazn doesn’t have to hide his desires while down there. :looney:

What happened with the New Years Day event at Anime Pavilion? Could four players and a station actually fit into that tiny, Pocky-filled hole? I was in CA for the holiday week, but would love to see more regular sessions start up in the Falls Church/Fairfax area, even if it’s in the Anime Pavilion pit or the tar-soaked CyberGrounds.!/events/151084688335858/

doing another one this sunday.

Hostess is filing for bankruptcy…[media=youtube]WWaLxFIVX1s[/media]

Awesome. Will you take 360 setups? I’d be happy to bring my gear down on Sunday.

Everything Hostess makes is absolutely disgusting. Shout out to the invisible hand of the market.

lol. been forever since ive even had a hostess product.

i even forgot their products outside of the twinkie

ninja edit: i did love me some zingers though

Is this anime place bigger than the space we had at CG?

this needs to be bumped. ever since the interface of tonamento updated its been garbage. challonge is much better and more UI friendly.

I didn’t see it entirely. But it didn’t look like it from what I was able to see.

I pitched Challonge to Jason last week and he gave it a shot. Not sure how he and GimR felt about it afterwards if they are going to use it again tonight.

Tellin you man, it’s all about that Tio.

There will be a MBAACC1.07 tournament at Xanadu. $5, come at us!