The DAN at the EVO?



Didn’t see any on the stream and I have not found any posts but is there any footage of Dans being represented at Evo over the weekend?


I think there’s a thread somewhere in the Dan forum where I posted what went down at EVO for me. Go look for that but in short: I went 2 and out, but I was really close in the loser’s bracket, and the guy got mad salty when I taunt 9’d him repeatedly. Hopefully next year I’ll do better (I’ve only been playing Fighting games since Super came out).


Didn’t I play you last night on Endless?


If you’re talking to me, no you didn’t, last time I played Online was earlier today and I played 2 ranked matches before realizing it’s a waste of time.


Heh, I know how that feels. I get little satisfaction out of ranked but my next ranked matches video is long overdue sigh


I think he was talking to me. Yes Ashkente I think we did and your added if I’m not mistaken.