The Dark Prince Interview/Aftermath

Part 1/2

Part 2/2

We used to have gangsta rapping…

Now we have gangsta gaming…

West Side…!!!
damn i didn’t know reset was such a gangster


can’t wait for the full video


thats not reset is it?! nah, thats neset

reset is god

lol reset is the WHITEST mother fuck there.

Wow… you made me feel good about my “tan”. Thanks, Reset!



I wanna smoke weed with DPC.

Unless that’s tobacco in the Hookah…

reset is a fucking G

winners dont use drugs

seriously, who the fuck are we kidding?

Looked like tobacco to me, just 'cause it seems a bit thick for weed smoke. Could be wrong, though.

Meh. Depends on who you ask. The big winners might even be gay :wow: coughjustincough The winners get their kicks from whatever the fuck they want, cause they own tht much :rofl:

featuring RESET

FUCK I cant wait!!

fucking reset.

this shit is a goddamn joke

Wow,this shit looks too fucking good.

What Snoop song was that btw?

EDIT found it:

Gangbangin’ 101 :rofl:

Hookah = thug life nowadays.

Let the shit talking commence.

Higher Reset…

All i have to say is keep smoking.

Believe in the Higher Magneto.