The dark side of yang's teleport

hello everyone , the main objective of this thread is to treat a subject that is very important in yang overall gameplay,wich is how can i use that slow unsafe move to step up my game?does this move even have its use ? feel free to post your teleport based scenario here…

One that seems pretty effective: Slashes > FADC > st.Hp > Lk. teleport > st.MP > cr.MK > Slashes

After the FADC you cancel the first hit of the st.Hp into the teleport and it puts Yang behind the opponent.

Use it for unblockables :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve recently started to use short dash if my opponent doesn’t quick rise for my corner cross-up/divekick after roll kicks, puts them back in the corner and I can still poke before they can.
Haven’t tried forward dash, but it’s probably a safe alternative for reversals.

Teleport is godlike:

After your standard rekka rekka FADC launcher, dash forward xx lk teleport for a quick little mixup

Blockstring into cr. mk xx lk dash for same side, mk dash for other side, hk dash for a dumb little bait/sweep setup

cl. mp xx lk dash in general is a nice little thing to have at your disposal

as well as in the corner rekka rekka launcher cr. lk xx lk dash

basically, just like the rest of yang’s game, it becomes more viable the better your execution is and the quicker you can think on your feet

You can use it in the corner like launcher, st.hp, teleport.

The lk teleport will stop in front and the mk teleport will stop behind your opponent.

The bad thing about this is you can’t use it too frequently as the startup for lk and mk is different and your opponent will see through it after getting it by hit a few times.

i use this:
mk DP > dash > tp (bait)| tenshin(meaty) | wait > cl mk(counter)
hk DP >lk tp>lk tp | tenshin
U1 > 2 * dash > lk tp | tenshin
i strated to use it and it’s pretty effective (maybe not online ) the tenshin is meaty so crouch tech is beaten , if they start backdashing , mk will launch them basically it’s a risky mixup( grab beats tp) but the price is worth it if u can score big damage

Hmmmm, quite risky if facing shotos that are SRK happy

sure , but it’s not a braindead tactic and u have to mess with their mind . mk dp > dash > pause >lk tp makes 3 frames reversals whiff even delayed ones i also use forward throw > dash >lk tp >lk tp

noticing the same. lk tp is a godlike mixup tool, i use late lk tp instead of regular dashes after resets online. looses to grab, yes, but mash? pffft. maybe its just me, but i get away with the wait to bait tricks online.

Get into their head if they’re dp happy. As a Bison user. Oh lawd.

Well this topic is sort of old, but whatever.<br><br>Forward throw ~ dash forward ~ LK/MK teleport is still kind of good mid-screen. LK ends up in front, MK ends up behind them. You finish the teleport as they stand up, so you can’t be grabbed out of it. Your opponent can block the following “mix-up” with good reactions / if they’re looking for it, but that doesn’t really matter too much because it still puts Yang in a good pressure situation.<br><br>From that (or any other hit confirm in general) you can go into cr.MK xx MK DP and do the same thing, just without the throw and dash. If they don’t quick rise then…figure out something to do because I forgot to look into that. :><br><br>Forward throw ~ LK Teleport ~ LP Palm<br>Forward throw ~ LK Teleport ~ HP Palm<br>Forward throw ~ MK teleport ~ MP Palm<br><br>Corner throw “somewhat meaty” palm set ups…maybe. I know they work on Cammy but because she gets up slower, I don’t know how they fare against other characters. Though you aren’t at a range where palm will trade if she reversals and you don’t do LP, the frame advantage on block is pretty good. When MP Palm hits, you can go into anything 8f or faster (not including close normals or jumping attacks.) cr.MK xx MP Palm is possible but doing the cr.MK too slow results in Cammy getting knocked out of range of the palm for whatever reason.<br>One exception to this rule appears to be Ultra 1. For whatever reason, I just could not get this to hit. The link is either very tight or Ultra 1 doesn’t reach her until the 9th/10th frame. Trying this like 30 times does lead me to believe it’s +8 though because I always was able to hit HP Tourou Zan when I fucked up the input but did the timing properly.<br><br>Bonus set up because I can’t see a Yang set up thread and I’m too lazy to look for it:<br>(Against Cammy) Forward Throw ~ dash forward ~ walk forward a tiny bit ~ jump toward opponent, MK dive kick<br>Cross up mid-screen, crouching and standing. Back dash escape results in her dashing into you (free punish.)<br>Dashing forward gets tagged. FA usually results in the same thing as back dashing into you (can probably OS a backdash of your own if she just tries to let it rip.)<br>All reversal DPs whiff, including EX. Delayed auto-correct DP might work but the window is verrry small if it does.<br>Safe on block.<br>Looks like it will cross up in the corner, but it doesn’t because fuck Yang or something. Certainly throws off anyone looking for a cross up though. Generally works the same otherwise, except it will put you in front of her if she blocks (kinda iffy here, was able to get it to put me in front and the corner - didn’t look into it.)<br><br>

I don’t think there’s a set-up thread anywhere here. Only the Seiei enbu thread and nothing else which is odd since Yang is almost all set-ups. I’ve thought of starting one but for some reason got around to actually doing it.

Yang lab was our set up thread for a long time, not sure if this is true anymore though