The Darkness and Witchblade - Any good?

I happen to notice these two titles recently due to their nice artwork.

They also come in big compendium (omnibus equivalent) sizes which is another bonus.

The question is however, are they any good?

Anyone read them and recommend them?


I use to collect them back when they first came out. However the story is really slow (at least in the earlier issues). It gets costly on your wallet too since they tell a story in 6 issues when it can be done in 3.

I’ve been getting back into the Top Cow Universe with the recent big crossovers. First Born and Broken Trinity to be exact. The artwork by Stejpan Sejic is stunning to say the least.

Starting around 75/80 is when Ron Marz takes over and gets the book on track.
No longer a t&a book at all.

Whether or not you’ll like that track is up to you, but I will say it’s much much better than it used to be.

I’ve always liked Darkness in small doses when he’s crossing over with WB because it usually means the Angelus (his nemesis) is there and there’s plenty of violence and eye candy.

I only recently started paying attention to Top Cow books roughly around the First Born event and so far from what I have seen, it is solid stuff.