The darkstalkers matchmaking and discussion for kaillera

Yo fools it’s about time we had our own thread for darkstalker players so if you play darkstalkers post in here.

I Want this thread to work now lets see how many heads actually play this and are on shoryuken.

For yall who don’t know theese are the following games for kaillera of the darkstalkers series that can be played on it.

Darkstalkers-the night warriors

Nightwarriors-darkstalkers revenge

Vampire hunter

Vampire hunter 2

Vampire savior

Vampire savior 2

theese games are the games that can be played on kaillera I mostly just play vampire savior on there so lets keep this thread living for awhile peeps aight. =]

thats the real list… & i play this game/series/w/e

I’ll play VH2 and VS 1 or 2 with anyone that’s not Chibi. :bgrin:

i play vs2 i got jap version i believe

Stop picking on me.

Old school

Heh, yeah, I used to play vs. Chibi until my home connection to East Coast servers got worse. Long-distance DSL vs. T1/T3 is not good.

All you West Coast Vampire players out there, look for Ass Clown.

Milo D. Cooper
Senior artist

aye, you’re fairly well known already from just your play on kaillera :tup: dont stop w/ the vampire

ass-clown your from the west coast fuck didn’t know dat.

Ya know what me and you should play at sprite identity server only place I know thats in the west-coast right now man.

I usually stick to Vampire just to get more people into it. The game is pretty severely underrated.

I’m also big into Super Turbo. You can find me playing the occasional Alpha or Marvel game as well (XMvSF is great for taking a quick brain sh!t), but only when I can’t get comp on real games.

Yeah, I typically get good connections there (40ms or less). Weekend evenings are good times to catch me online.

Milo D. Cooper
Senior artist