The dash

I notice when Ibuki parries, she goes through moves when she tries to parry the second hit. Or at least when i play as her. It happened to me on many occasions against EX hadous, and tatsumaki senpuu kyakus. I wanted to know about her dash more in depth.

Like what supers does it work on, what other moves and other characters, and who/what not to use it. Due to the unsafe factor.

hmmm. i think youre parrying wrong. you shouldnt be dashing if you want to parry. I mean you could have the option of dashing, but if youre going for a parry then you should be parrying and not dashing.

But i didnt know you can dash through on the second hit of an EX hadou. That sounds very cool.I have to try that sometimes.

Her dash works on supers like Ken’s SAIII and supers with that kind of timing.

One cool trick against Hammer Frenzy Hugo is that if you are close and crouching while the super comes out on the third hit you can dash through without having to parry anything. I think its the third hit anyways. Hugo’s hammer frenzy 2nd and 3rd hit will whiff and ibuki can dash through during that time.

And on certain situations ibuki can escape an aegis corner trap by dashing or command dashing through an aegis at the beginning the corner aegis trap. Like when urien is first throwing out an aegis and the aegis has yet to reach where its suppose to be. If youre already grounded and the aegis is already out then you cant dash through it or if the aegis comes after a fireball then you cant because you’ll get hit by the fireball.

Edit: mm, you cant dash through the 2nd hit of the ex hadou, it doesnt work.

Simply sounds like you’re mashing forward way too fast when you’re parrying. If you’re meaning to say that you dash when you try to parry the second hit of a move. I’m really not even sure what you’re asking. If you dash when parrying multiple hit moves you’re more than likely hitting forward too fast. Try doing the same things with another character and see what happens. You probably just get hit a lot. :lol:

My bad, musta been somethin else. I might be jus seenin shit, cause I coulda sworn that happened. But it happens to me the most against Tatsumaki type moves.

ive been also trying to learn this technique ive seen ppl do it on youtube videos they call it ghosting. The ibuki parries twice and then dashes out the link for the video is here…

P.S if u figure out how to do it or some trick to it plz reply =D

i thought he was lying

If you’re talking about Ken’s Shippu Jinrai, Basically all char’s can jump straight up after parrying the 3rd kick red parry or normal.

In Ibuki’s case she has enough time to dash through it.

If you’re talking about something else please specify.

She cannot dash through fireballs after a parry.

so are u saying it was just that SA that is particularly slow? what about if it was dudleys cork screw blow? is ibuki fast enough to dash through it?

There is no way you can parry one corkscrew and dash after.

Hopefully someone can post all the supers which can be dashed through after a parry, but for now all I know is
Ken’s SA3 after the third kick
Chun’s SA2 if at some point you get to parry the last set
Urien’s Aegis when you get knocked down in the corner and they throw an Aegis without a fireball.

Apart from the Aegis, I doubt any other are useful unless opponents are going for chip damage.