The David Richardson Deportation Party - DATE CHANGE! 4/11

For those of you who are unaware, David Richardson is being deported to Cali where he will commence a lifetime of holding Gootecks’ pocket. He’s been the biggest influence in Florida gaming in the past 5 years or so and we need to give this man a proper sendoff. We have less than one month to do it. As of April 20th, he’ll be gone. I’d like input on everyone who can attend if we make the farewell sendoff on Saturday the 11th. If I can get enough of a commitment from all across Florida we’ll try to get a tourney going for many of his favorite games. If you can attend, post up. If not, at least give the man some well wishes and show some respect for the driving force behind Florida’s current tourneys.

Edit: David is leaving earlier than expected so i had to change the date. I’ll get more details on location and exact times by tomorrow. I’ll need volunteers for systems and games so if you can bring anything let me know. I know this is short notice. Please don’t expect a huge tourney as I don’t have he resources David did. This is just an oppurtunity for a bunch of us who knew him to get together and say bye.

wut is his srk name? i do not know him.

Calm Warrior

This is sad indeed - the south is losing a true champion and one hell of an organizer. He’s helped us out at Final Round immensely the past few years…

David, you’ll be back for FR, right? :slight_smile:

ah ok

yea he damn good

yo David just make sure to mix up the Cali folks with your Jamaican accent

You can Count me in for his send off. I’ve known David ever since he started putting together events in Florida. Amazing person and an even better friend. I’m really gonna miss him. He was the best security guard ever at my Birthday Party last year :rofl:. Who knows maybe he’ll be the guy to hold our matches for friends if we’re late at EVO One day.

I love you cum-warrior :lovin: I’ll see you in a couple of weeks

Wow, I’m gonna try to request it off and have one more marvel bash with ya.

I start work at Disney on the 15th, but if I can get the 18th free I’ll come.

if i got the day off i’ll try to make it, just need to know where’s gonna be at, no more david tournies :sad:

TD Out

Wow, glad he got the job, way to go david but, still hate to see you go.

But, ya set it up you know i’ll go with a quick lie for work

Damn it David. Y u leavin /cry. Ima ask for the day off.

I’ll be there

There’s no way we’re gonna let him talk all that shit about Orlando and then run. We gonna get you good David. It’s a jamacian bashing party! <3 you brother.

Hey david best of luck too you over there on the west coast. Its been a real honor too know you and everything you done for O town and fl as a whole thank you for that. Hope to get in some games before you leave homie peace.

Ninja edit: Oh before you go let’s make sure to find out who is the better marvel player sir for old times.


Between the two of you? Me. Now quit that shitty game like I did.

Aw man, Calm Warrior is leaving? :sad:

Holy crap, David’s leaving? Not fair! He’s supposed to stay here and help me get better at stuff!

You can count on me being there 100%.

Damn, will definitely try to be there. David’s one hell of a tournament organizer and a person. Guess no more Orlando tourneys :confused:

damn david leaving florida. i’m definitely down to go to this. anyone from miami wanna pick me up. tis the recession and gas ain’t cheap.