The day before SBO... THE SHIOZAWA CUP

You all know about this little tournament.

It seems there one Claw…

In poule B.
Team : Makoto no Balrog Mitokan ne
Neou Makoto (VE)
Shiro (AB) (woot !)
Use (ZA)
Togawa (RY)
Fujiya (AK)

Maybe we will able to see, how far a claw can go between all those big names…

It is probably M. Bison, as in, Vega in Japan. If your just going off that list, I’ve made that mistake many times. If you know some other way, thats great.

But then again… it does say Team: Makoto no Balrog. He could be using Vega? Guess we’ll see.

yeah im pretty sure thats just dictator though…would be sick to see makoto owning with his claw…his claw is sooo sick.

All the orther Dictators were referred as (DIC)…
So it must have been, the only error in the whole list ? :wonder:

Mh. Makotos Claw is sort of weird. He makes such senseless movements…
Ich saw him punish a TU with jumping forward fierce and doing a from closeup range lol

Its Claw.
If it was in Japanese, Fujiya would be using (GO) instead of (AK)