"The Day of Judgment is upon you, scum..." The Ghost Rider Matchup Thread



After stumbling upon a GR discussion in the Balance/Tier thread, I figured this thread is needed. Blaze has his strengths and weaknesses, but it’s better for everyone, even Newbs, to know exactly how to approach each fight. Because rushing down Wolverine & trying to Zone out Hawkeye might not be the best strategy…

It’ll take a while, but I’m gonna try to get every fighter here. Input and opinions are MORE than welcome (a.k.a. Help me finish this, ya lazy bums! lol)

Marvel Matchups:

Captain America


-The best distance for Ghost Rider in this fight is 1/2 screen.
-Cap’s Shield Slash is you No. 1 priority. If he jumps, respond with either air:h:, Chain of Punishment or Hell’s Embrace.
-Get him grounded. Cap’s a lot easier to deal with on the ground.
-Charging Star is quick, but vulnerable to physical attacks. React with air:s:
-Hyper Charging Star, same as above.
-Hyper Stars & Stripes is completely Invincible, but leaves Cap falling unprotected. Launch him into an air combo to push him back out. Or if you have the meter, punish with Penance Stare.
-Final Justice has a few frames of Invincibility to start out, and is deceptively quick. So keep on guard for it.[/details]


Dr. Doom


-The best distance for Ghost Rider in this fight is 1/2 screen.
-Rage Whip :h::h: beats out Doom’s projectiles, so don’t be afraid to use it on reaction.
-Air :h: has great range and does good damage. Use it when Doom goes to his Air Photon Shot.
-You got three options against his Foot Dives: Heartless Spire, Hellfire :h: or Chain of Punishment. The first two are quicker, but the last one lets you combo off a wall bounce. Use the best option according to how far away Doom starts his Foot Dive.
-Heartless Spire punishes tri-jumping advances.[/details]

Dr. Strange



-The best distance for Ghost Rider in this fight is 1/2 screen.
-GR’s chains can beat out Purification, but not Black Hole. Be cautious.
-Remember, GR’s chains can reach 3/4 of the screen. Don’t be afraid to punish if he starts casting spells (a.k.a. Power of the…) while thinking he’s safe.
-If he super jumps, be on guard! Either a teleport or a Tri-Jump is coming. Punish both with air:h:
-Chaotic Flame is one of the fastest hyper beams in the game. Be careful calling in assists when Dorm has meter.
-Stalk Flare can be dangerous, but hitting Dormmamu snuffs out the flame. Cr.:h: is quick enough, has the range and reaches under the orb.
-Dark Dimension is the reason you should use air:s: to start your offense against Dormammu.[/details]

Danny Ketch =)



-Best distance for Ghost Rider in this fight is 1/2 screen.
-Stay in range of the chains. It makes Hawkeye easier to deal with.
-Avoid the path of the arrows. If Hawkeye starts jumping, stay grounded and use Rage Whip. If he’s on the ground, go for air:s:
-Hawkeye’s slide has range, and he can cancel it into a trick shot. But it also leaves him open for a quick :m: that you can combo off of.
-Gimlet is practically instant and does good damage, but leaves Hawkeye wide open on block unless he DHC’s or X-Factor’s out of it. Punish with chains accordingly.
-Super Scattered Shot comes out as soon as its successfully fired, and hits like Shockwave. Spirit of Vengeance can absorb the hits, but it’s better to just block the attack.[/details]



-Best distance for Ghost Rider in this fight is 3/4 to Full screen.
-Air :s: is your best friend in this fight. Use it anytime you see Hulk trying to advance on you, especially with Gamma Charge.
-Keep your chains active against Hulk. It keeps him on the defense, and you might catch an assist if your opponent gets frustrated.
-GR’s chains beat out Gamma Wave most of the time. Remember that.
-Gamma Tsunami does significant damage, but it also pushes you safely away from Hulk whether on a clean hit or blocked. Use it to your advantage.
Gamma Crush does 400K! That alone should be reason enough to keep your distance. Plus, if blocked, the Gamma Giant is at your mercy.[/details]

Iron Fist

Iron Man



-Best distance for Ghost Rider in this fight is 3/4 screen.
-Most Magneto fighters will take to the air to start their offense. Counter with air:h: until they’re grounded.
-Disruptor beats out Rider’s standing:h:, so go with air:s: to start your offense.
-Magneto can get in under air:s: with his slide. So counter with crouching:m: when you land, then launch into an air combo. Or if you have meter, counter with the Penance Stare, then combo until he’s down & out.
-Spirit of Vengeance (a.k.a. Hot Wheels) has armor that can plow through Magnetic Shockwave. It’s a great counter if you’re close to him, but avoid doing this from full screen. The damage trade isn’t worth it, and he can X-Factor or DHC out of it.
-Gravity Squeeze can punish from ANYWHERE! Be defensive when you see Mags with 3 meters, and don’t be afraid to empty jump and bait it out of him. If you do, punish with your chains accordingly.[/details]




Rocket Raccoon










-Best distance in this fight for Ghost Rider is Full screen.
-You need space in this fight because of Logan’s speed. Whether he attacks from the ground or the air, you’ll need to see it coming to react quick enough.
-The best way to deal with his Dive Kick is air :h:, until he lands on the ground.
-When he’s grounded, pressure him with chains. They beat out his Berserker Barrage if spaced enough, and his Berserker Charge (since it’s lost its invincibility).
-Berserker Barrage X can be damaging. But if blocked, it leaves you at a slight frame advantage & point blank range. Punish with Penance Stare if you have the meter, or X-Factor xx Penance Stare if you have it. Getting Logan out of the fight quickly makes things a LOT easier for Johnny Blaze.
-Weapon X is fully invincible when he rushes. Always block.


Capcom Matchups:



-Best distance for Ghost Rider in this fight is 3/4 screen.
-Akuma’s Dive Kick & Demon Flip can be annoying, but easily swatted away with air :h:
-The Go-Hadoken is no match for your chain. Don’t be afraid of it.
-Akuma’s Hurricane Kick should be your priority. If he gets in with it, Pushblock the last hit and jump away with air :s: to punish him.
-Messatsu Gohadou has two forms: spread & beam. Both are vulnerable to an air :s: at the height of GR’s jump. Punish accordingly.
-Shun Goku Satsu is COMPLETELY invincible. If you see it coming, SUPER jump out of the way. It can still catch a regular jump, making it too risky.[/details]


Chris Redfield


Crimson Viper



-The best distance for Ghost Rider in this fight is full screen.
-Dante’s teleport is a nuisance, but has two weaknesses. It’s telegraphed and it always appears right behind/above you. Your chain can beat out its activation, and if you’re too late, jump backwards and go for air:h:. Worst Case Scenario: you trade hits. Best Case Scenario: You Air Throw him across the screen, making him reset his offense.
-All of Dante’s rushing moves can be punished with chains.
-Killer Bee is quick, but a well-timed Heartless Spire can stop it.
-Air Play is dangerous, but manageable. Chain of Punishment or Hell’s Embrace can knock him out of his charge. Or if you’re close enough, wait for the moment when he just starts to fall to the ground and go for Conviction Slam.
-Million Dollars can be avoided and hit out of with air:s:. The Jackpot shot at the end can also be punished heavily with chains.
-Devil Must Die has deceptively great range and invincibility. But can be punished with a Penance Stare if blocked/whiffed.[/details]



Frank West


-Best distance for Ghost Rider in this fight is 3/4 to Full screen.
-Frank’s gonna be an annoying pest in this match, so it’s best to be defensive in this match.
-If he super jumps, try to bait his kneedrop by rushing under him to the other side, staying out of his impact range. If he does it, go for Rage Whip and combo him.
-Check your distance in the fight. If you feel he’s too close, go for crouching :h: since he’ll most likely try to slide for a combo.
-His Zombie moves have a huge startup. Punish with your chains.
-His Item Throw is quick, but can be ducked under. So counter with cr. :h:
-His Combat roll can be annoying, but vulnerable. Try to time a :l: attack just as he comes out of it for a combo.
-The Shopping Cart Hyper is unique, as it’s fast enough to beat your ground chains and hit fully. So if you see it coming, go for air :s:. Worse Case Scenario, you trade hits & he loses a Hyper Bar.[/details]



Jill Valentine



-Best distance in this fight for Ghost Rider is 1/2 to 3/4 screen.
-Morrigan’s dashes always put her in the air, so be ready to respond with Rage Whip, Hell’s Embrace or Chain of Punishment to combo her.
-Soul Fist can be a nightmare if left unchecked. STAY IN CHAIN RANGE so she doesn’t start filling the screen with them. And remember, GR’s chains go through her projectiles, so don’t be afraid to try Hell’s Embrace or Conviction Slam to do damage and avoid her blasts.
-Finishing Shower is slow and easy to avoid, but practically unpunishable by GR because of her recovery. So just super jump out of the way.
-Shadow Servant is strong, but leaves her vulnerable for a moment afterwards. Punish with chains accordingly.
-ASTRAL VISION CAN BE DEADLY!!! If she activates this, send a full barrage of chains her way. Make her go on the offensive because double Morrigan is much more manageable than double the Soul Fists she can fire at you.
-Darkness Illusion is fairly quick, but nothing that can’t be swatted away by your chains.[/details]



-Best Distance in this fight for Ghost Rider is 3/4 to full screen.
-Nemesis’ tentacles have range, but nothing Ghost Rider can’t beat. If he gets within 1/2 screen though, respond with Heartless Spire and an assist to keep him off.
-Clothesline Rocket doesn’t have any super armor, so use your chains if you fear it coming.
-Nemesis’ Ground Rocket can easily be ducked under, and countered with crouching:h:. His air rockets are harder. If he’s low to the ground, jump over them; if he’s top of the screen, dash forward, duck under the projectile and go for Rage Whip to start a combo.
-Rocket Slam has super armor, so jump away and respond with air:s:. Any other attack he’ll shrug off and continue his advance.
-Nemesis’ Rocket Hyper is dangerous if not heeded. The rockets can track your movement and put you into a hard knockdown doing big damage. If blocked though, it leaves Nemesis vulnerable to the point where only X-Factor or a DHC can save him. Remember this.
-Biohazard Rush has Hyper Armor! No amount of Chain attacks will stop it. If you have meter, you can try for a Penance Stare after the 4th hit. Other than that, just get out of his way when this is activated.
-Nemesis’ Level 3 almost works just like Penance Stare, so anything you do for GR in order to connect with it, expect Nemesis to try, including Kara cancels.[/details]

Phoenix Wright



Strider Hiryu


Tron Bonne


Viewtiful Joe



-Best Distance for Ghost Rider in this fight is 3/4 to full screen
-Rage Whip & Samurai Edge have about the same frame rate, so don’t hesitate to use it if you think he’ll use his gun for a teleport.
-Wesker’s Teleports are fast, but ranged. Keep far enough so you make him reappear in front of you, and punish with air:s: into a combo.
-Tiger Uppercut can be somewhat of a pain, but only if you’re reckless with your chains. If you see him resorting to it, counter with crouching:h: + Assists.
-Maximum Wesker (Phantom Dance) is powerful, but leaves Wesker vulnerable for a moment once it’s done. Punish with chains.
-Keep you eyes open for Rhino Charge! It punishes all of GR’s chain attacks hard, since it leaves him in a crumpled state. If possible, and if you got the meter, when you see it activated, wave-dash & kara cancel into Penance Stare. If you can’t, just wait until the moment it’s over and punish with chains.[/details]


-Best Distance for Ghost Rider in this fight is 3/4 to full screen.
-Zero will mostly start his offense from the air, so counter this by using air:h:
-The Mega Buster is the biggest part of Zero’s offense. So poke him with crouching:h: when he’s grounded to cancel it, then call in an assist to help chip while he charges it up again.
-His Lightning Dive doesn’t go full screen, and it leaves him vulnerable afterwards. Respond with chains accordingly.
-His Shadow Clone Hyper can do brutal chip damage since it doubles up his projectiles. When you see him activate it, dash forward and go for air:s: to start a combo. Keep him on the defensive and unable to shoot projectiles.
-Genmu Zero can punish hard, so keep air:s: to a minimum.[/details]


I have two tidbits of info that may or may not be worth mentioning.

Against Nemesis be very careful how you space j.S because he can launch you out of it from quite far, you pretty much have to be at it’s max range to be safe. Try standing just outside the range of your attacks and kara them to catch him when he thinks he is safe.

Against Haggar obviously you are just trying to keep him out, but he will try to whiff cr.C to roll and it will close a lot of distance if you aren’t on your toes and don’t catch him out of it with a st.H. If you have the right assists you can let him do it and set up an unblockable on him when he emerges from the roll.


gr vs airdashers/wesker



tidbit about Nemesis match up
Heartless Spire gets beat out by his angled jumpins (df.H or f.H).


Updated with Wesker & Nemesis. Thanks for the input guys. =)


j. M is good because it crosses up, and it’s good when you predict a teleport from a port char that teleports behind you.


How do you guys deal with Strider’s vajra kicks. It’s like he gets in for free.

Teleporters in general piss me off.


Been playing offline(thankfully) Against a team of cap, deadpool, and tron. And have alot of information on all match-ups. Also some for trish and chris( ha that rhymes) Heads up: GH=ghost rider dp= dragon punch motion and qcf = 236 or quarter circle forward. My team at this time GH/MODOK/DR.DOOM

I belive captain america beats ghost rider 6.5-3.5(cap fav)

Captain America- This match-up in my opinion is really hard for ghost rider( the player didnt even have a good beam or cross-over assists accompanied with shield slash l and it was still troublesome and annoying.)

Neutral game- Cap from what i witnessed…will always be starting point character unless your playing some sort of avengers crazed fanboy. So he will have access to either a great neutral game assists that he can cross-up you with his(cap) dogde. Or a pinning assists. Keeping cap out if very troublesome due to shield slash alone, but with a crossover assists it can be down right bad.

Whats good about cap in this match against GH: Shield slash l(simply due to you not having a clean answer to punish it on reaction and its ability to go behind you and hit your assists easyly. It also has tremendous hit stun.), his normals like jumping S which can ambiguously cross you up when your pinned down by an assists, And his CRAZY ASS DAMAGE im not even sure that hyper charging star even scales it fucking hurts bad and due him already having a bar of meter in the beginning one combo with dhc is likely to kill you or close to it.

The hitbox on all your chains will not hit cap at the angle he is throwing shield slash, with a crossover assists it can be tough to even take a gamble with dp m to take him out the sky preemptively.

up close he can dogde your h string and punish your whiff. If this happens quickly whiff cancel to either super or reverse dp+h to avoid punishment or to make punishment not free.

What you can do to protect yourself from being bodied:

From a distance your dp+H will knock his shield slash away and also hit him out of the sky. use this time to call your anti zoning assists to help gain the advantage.

Heartless spire or back+h: will send his shield back toward him but this can be a bit hard to time. During this call and assists to help gain the advantage. Back H is your preferred anti-air over standing s(which i dont recommend using at all unless you are sure it will hit)

And always remember that standing h with beat his hyper charging star if he tries to throw it out at random or to punish assists.

Try not to: Jump S(keep it to when u know he is not doing shield slash l) , super jump because he can just wavedash over to you and mix u up on landing, and doing any ground chains without the use of an assists or free space to do it. Advancing guard and back h should be your go too moves until you can safely get a good chain read, back h into an assists call to get the advantage. Or use back H and dp+h(too close to him) to often so he can punish it with hyper charging star.


***Deadpool ***

Match can be difficult but not in my opinion as difficult as cap.

Your goal is to either protect ghost rider because deadpool team doesnt have the life and must approach you
To somehow get to him and** harass him with your chain** IN THE CORNER.

Deadpool either will start as point with a strong assists backing him. Or Be second and is primarily used for his otg assists.

***Deadpool Zoning you/running away: ***

Deadpool completely out zones you, But inorder for him to be able to keep it up safely deadpool will constantly be jumping backward throw ninja gifts and shooting guns. Any air action special move like happy trigger or ninja gift requires that deadpool must fall straight down to the ground and cannont perform another action.

Since deadpool is constantly running himself into the corner while shooting all u have to do is just jump and block. Its okay to take some chip its unavoidable. If deadpool isnt moving back toward the corner then jumping s will beat any happy triggers he does on the ground. If he does crouching or standing triggers him(deadpool) only you can attack him before he does another due to it being negative as long as your in range with standing h, cr.h or jump s.

When he is in the corner he can no longer shoot you frantically, just be on the look out for:

  1. Assists(listen for it and chain)
  2. Cr.H( his slide) which could get him past jump S(GH). Anything after the slide is punishable.
  3. Teleport(just jump)
  4. Super jump which isnt good for him
  5. his long clumsy counter(to maybe counter jump s)

(gh) (deadpool)
cr.h beats standing guns
Jumping. s beats cr. guns

When approaching deadpool be careful of super jumping espically when his back is against the corner without cover due to the fact that he can:

throw an overhead on u soon as u land
Left or right mix-up you with a low
Anti air you with s or air throw into combo
Or simply just run away from you with cr.h to the other side then start hoping and shooting to the safety.
***Deadpool without life lead coming to rush you: ***

Deadpool of course will try and come to you without the life lead(if he cant do it with chip), look for his avenues of trying to get near and counter them.

  1. guns cancel into teleport now possible in ultimate.
  2. shooting downward with a super
  3. Wavedashing

Once in just be careful and look for:
Cr.h(his slide) which has all punishable follow-ups.
His overhead which has a great hitbox on hit but you can easyly attack him before it hits you. It may cross-up really close as well.
And air thorw in which he gets combo

Once he’s in heartless spire is hard for him(deadpool) to deal with as well as jumping s spam.

Overall still i believe dead pool beats ghost rider bout 6-4 jsut be patient and always poke intelligently


***Tron ***
I believe ghost rider beats tron 6-4

Trons main way of trying to beat ghost rider is with her jumping normals
1.Crossing up with jumping H
2. Landing a hit with jumping m, h, or S which all have a good hit box.
3. Landing a command throw or super

Once in tron does really great damage espically in the corner.

However…Standing S and heartless spire almost ruins her and you can actually react to her jumping when u do it. As also does Hellfire malestorm.

She actually has a very decent anti with gustaff flame(her use to be invincle cross over assists) but from far away ghost riders chains have no worry.
Watch of course for her techroll she has good options on a tech roll.


**Trish **

I think beats ghost rider 6-4

She is no threat to you standing on the ground outside of super.
But in the air things can be problematic, with the right assists she can pin you down and attempt high low on you easyly from way outside your range.

Im my experince the best way to get her is by super jumping in the air and jumping s or h(if your under her), once u knocked her out the sky dont let her get away again(or atleast so easyly)

Her jumping attacks in an airdash will beat a poorly timed jumping S so dont get to slooply or obvious with it.

Trust and believe this match can get frustrating but just be patient and only whip intelligently, make use of your assists(preferably strider assists) to lend you a hand in the match-up.



Beats ghost rider 6-4…

Chris is another character who can zone ghost rider out badly.
Chris can fire down on you, or from the ground and duck all chains from a far with prone.

You have to go and get him, the best way to always approach chris is from a super jump espically a run away chris.

Besides super jumping, chris has no strong answer for jumping S when you are in range granted there are no landmines on the ground underneath you.

You of course can soak up some projectiles with heartless spire and call an assist once he close the corner.
Chris super jump is just as bad as GH so if he tries to super jump away just chase after him on the ground through wavedashing.

Just be prepared though it can be very difficult getting close to him without out atleast taking a shit load of chip.


Hi guys! My first post here in the Ghost Rider forums.

Looking forward to more detailed matchup analysis against Dante, Vergil and Strider. As No_Cigar said, “teleporters piss me off”.

One thing I noticed is that GR can’t do much on reaction unless their teleports become pretty predictable. You can counter Dante’s teleports if he tried something slow like j.S with GR’s standing S, but other than that I’ve yet to see something effective by Blaze.


***Morrigan ***

7-3 morrigan 6-4morrigain (with doom missles on your team) 5.5-4.5 morrigan (with strider assists on your team)

This is a very bad match-up orrigan can lame and zone u out all fucking day. she has wya too good sky mobilty and the amount of fireballs she can throw on screen at a time makes its very hard to near her to chain her. she also can easily come in on ghost rider to due to his poor mobility.

In my honest opinion i would just put him second and let another more capable character fight her this match-up is an up hill battle without doom or strider assists helping you knock her out the sky.

The only thing that u do kinda not have to worry about is being rushed down because form super jump heights morrigan cant technically put you in a mix-up. Pressure but no mix-up that cant be jumped. even if you do chase her down she just fly away again. if ghost rider had an aerial horizantal chain like he should have the match-up would be alot easier


Just updated with Cap, Dorm and Dante. Thanks to all of you for the input, especially alex073088.


nemsis biohazard rush has 10 hits of super armor not hyper armor. You can actually hit him out of it if he does it from far enough away.



I main modok, and have fought against ghost rider quite a bit The match-up in my opinion is 6-4 modok favor…

**Neutral game **

You have to place your distance based on what and where according to modok form the start of the match he can immediately start flying away from you. If he gets to far from you he can set out a aegis reflector(barrier) and deflect anything that touches it. Jumping S beats this…However a good modok will be beaming you while air born or better yet m analysis cube ghost rider inticipation of jumping S. If you get m cubed he gets a cube to put out a Huge reflector that not a single chain in your arsonal can get through.

To get around this you may think its okay to super jump…but he can just dash under ghost rider and put in a mix-up when he lands since modok has great overheads and can throw in a low if your thinking its coming. secondly he can dash under you and put out another reflector making almost resetting the situation.

If modok is at super jump height he can fire down upon ghost rider with blaster h which does great chip and nearly 200.000 points of damage on hit. but it has great start-up time so its safe to counter with a super jump Air H.between blast if your close enough.

You as ghost rider want modok in the corner without the space or time requires to set-up any of his zoning tools or using any assists to put ghost rider in blockstun aloowing modok to high low him.

If your playing against a more rushdown online oriented modok(which i strongly not recommend for a modok) then heartless spire will destroying anything modok can summon and throw at you like his blaster or missle bombs(which he can only get out full screen distance or behind a aegis reflector against ghost rider hh chains.)


Updated with Hawkeye & Morrigan. More to come…


Heartless Spire makes Captain America’s shield slash a non-issue. Stops it in it’s tracks and sends it right back.