The Daydreams Thread

Post all your inane, ridiculous, off the wall, scary, etc. daydreams here. Post where you have them too.

Here’s one:

While taking a shit, I was just imagining who the actual, statistically, best street fighter player in the whole world is. Everyone thinks it’s Daigo, but I’m sure the real champion, out of the entire world would be someone completely random. Like some forty seven year old mom or something. She is a prodigy of fighting games. She comes home, spots the game on while the kids are away, plays a few amazing sets and is all around amazing, is psychic on the battlefield, and plays with T.Hawk. Yes, the best street fighter player in the whole world is a hawk player and no one has any idea how to really play him, except for this mom who is an idiot savant or something in games. Then, after her sets, she puts the controller down and starts making dinner. Her son is someone that made top 8 at Evo, and treats his mom like shit. But in fact, he’s only so good because he inherited the fighting game gene from his mom, but it’s a secret!

You have an active imagination.

Stopped right there.

Dude, some of the best ideas have come out when people are taking a shit. Don’t be a hater.

Yep even jerking off in the shower, or was it jerking off in the bath???