The Deadly Rhythm Ranbats II - Oklahoma City, OK - 9/18/2010


The Stay Salty Series presents The Deadly Rhythm Ranbats II

“Dancers to a Discordant System”

When: Saturday September 18, 2010
Registration: 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Tournament Begins: 7:00 PM

Location: Cactus Jack’s Family Fun Center

Console: Xbox 360. PS3s are welcome if both players agree to play on the PS3 console.

Entrance Fee: $15! $10 goes towards the pot, $5 towards the Equipment Fund.

Prize Money: 70/20/10 split. 20% of the collected pot will be placed into the tournament pot fund.

Rules - Double Elimination
2/3 Sets
2/3 Rounds per set
99 Seconds per round
Winner keeps character, loser may change.
In regards to Ultras, Winner keeps Ultra unless loser changes character and/or Ultra.
In the case of a double KO at the end of a tied series, another set will be played until a winner is determined.
If a game is pause, the person who paused will forfeit the round. The only exception is if the game is pause during an ultra that would finish the round. Still a no no though.

Scoring: 1st Place - 9 points, 2nd Place - 8 points, 3rd Place - 7 points, 4th Place - 6 points, 5th Place - 5 Points, 6th Place - 4 Points, 7th Place - 3 Points. 8th place - 2 points.