The death of a street fighte character

which character would you like to see die in the comic?

Akuma - I think he’d have a pretty fucking huge-ass death scene at the hands of Ryu and it would rock.

T. Hawk - I think he’d have a nice honorable sappy death.

Q - Mainly just so they couldn’t do an autopsy on him and figure out what the fuck he’s about.

Hugo - He gives me nightmares.

Sodom - He’s a dork.

Sagat - I always imagined him training himself to the point where his body couldn’t take it any more - so mid final fight with Ryu his heart just gives way and he dies before he even gets to see who would win. All very tragic I suppose but then again once he’s gone he’d be gone and no Sagat would be a sad thing.

Akuma - if there was to be a final fight I’d kinda like to see it with Ken because we all know Akuma’s interested in Ryu and we all know Ryu will one day beat the seven shades out of Akuma with his own way somehow, so it be nice for the final fight to be with Ken, the one Akuma ignored. It be a good tribute to a guy who is basicaly considered/is the Ryu clone.

Bison - He needs to die because.

Charlie/Nash - … oh wait… Never mind.

Other then that and on a far more personal level:

Gill - because I hate him. Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate him. I hate him so much I hope he just doesn’t appear because he’s already dead.


Okay so that was over the top but I do dislike Gill even if his intro speech in Street Fighter 3 Third Impact was pretty damn cool. Something like “The Mark of my Dignity shall scare thy D.N.A.”. Which is probably my favorite intro speeh. Too bad Gill has it.

Anywho the other deaths I’d choose just be to see how many people I could get bursting into tears or writing nasty letters. Like Cammy say? Wouldn’t it be fun seeing her die in a horrible fashion against Bison just in the safe knowledge millons of fans would scream “NOOOOOOOO!” very loudly? I know it makes me chuckle.


I hope Sakura dies. I cant believe she’s gonna be Ryu’s sidekick. Its gonna be just like Jade from the Jackie Chan show. Shes probably gonna be fucking things up left and right.

I hope Akuma never dies. I want him to be to Ryu what Magneto is to Prof. X.

I also hope Gill dies. He’s a corny character.

I want to see Gen die. I think he should have his own story arc, becasue he’s looking for death, and thats pretty cool.:cool:

And very fruity as well.

Well, Bison prob. should die even though his body can be brought back to life…

Akuma prob doesn’t need to die… If he did, no big deal, Ryu needs a new opponent… Mabye not… I dunno.

Charlie is supposed to die… Wait, he is dead already…

Sodom can go to hell heheeh. Literally.

Akuma cannot die!
But if anyone has to die, it’s Ken. He’s a doushe.

i want akuma to kill ryu cus hes boring

i hope the death of bison is very graphic and very detailed. at the end of the tournament, when akuma SGS’s his ass, since he’s suposed to be so powerful, he would probably like get up half dead and have akuma split his skull in half or something:cool:

guy-rose. i hope they show this battle as a gruesome death to guy, with maybe a smaaaaaaaaaaaaall possibility of him being left alive.

although probably innacurate, i would love to see someone kicking gen’s ass to death. maybe an oro / gen deadmatch after gen schools akuma?

i want charlie to die again:D

akuma should kill adon too. or maybe sagat should. do a tyger upercut across his chest like ryu did to him and just absolutely rip him appart.


While a graphic death would be cool (with intestines and brains and piss and stuuf) I think udons gonna try and keep it more of an all ages book…

well, actually, I guess having cammy’s vagina show through her costume isnt for all ages… but…whatever.

Kids gotta learn about vaginas…

IF they dont learn about it from the streetfighter comic, theyll learn about it from somewhere else.

Carrying on the Capcom legacy of teaching kids the tough lessons in life.

“Winners don’t use drugs.”

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Thats BS. I’ve kicked the hell out of tons of kids while being stoned outa my mind.

I think the following people will be killed:
M. Bison

Why? Simply because evil is what they are & death is always what comes to the bad guys. However I could be wrong about Akuma as Ryu is not a killer, I suspect it shall be him who defeats Akuma, but then again if Akuma isn’t killed he’d just plague Ryu forever…
It’s gotta end somewhere & I highly doubt Ryu shall die unless its at the end of the SF3 arc which would still surprise me anyway.


I just want sakura to die because she really, really bothers me. There are enough stereotypical schoolgirl characters to drive me crazy.

>_> no bias here or anything…

I’d love to see any match-ups between Oro, Gen and Akuma. Especially Oro vs. Akuma. It would be interesting to see him be the one to finally take Akuma down (since he’s probably the only one who could). Actually, I’d rather see Ryu finally get good enough to beat Akuma on his own, that would be ideal. Of course that hasn’t happened Capcom-wise yet, so I dunno…

a few things
IIRC, gen totally schooled akuma’s ass back to kindergarten.

If Capcom bothered to give Gill an In-game revival attack, then i’m pretty sure they wanted to make the point (albeit maybe inadvertantly) that Gill is eternal. So i dont see anyone killing Gill any time soon.

The Akuma/Ryu thing has way too many possibilities, and unless it’s resolved in a future game, it would be a GIGANTIC mistake to kill either one of them in the comic.
IFFFFF anything, i can see akuma and ryu getting into a REALLY good deathmatch with akuma barely winning and before he lands the death blow Oro knocks his ass out. Basically, i dont see Ryu winning (at least owning) that fight until he trains with oro, but then the Goku syndrome would kick in as there’s hardly anyone at that level.
all cannon aside though, WHO WANTS TO SEE A SAGAT VS AKUMA!!!:smiley:

Id actually like to see what Akuma would have to say if he ever fought oro. I mean, the old bag needs to tie one of his arms to hold in his strength!

Another thing i would like to ask is, Gen never trains anyone claiming he wants to train only someone who is strong with his theory of ‘survival of the fittist’. But that brings me back to this: He knows of Akuma, but what about Ryu? Is he aware of Oro?

The match was more of a draw, really (Akuma left because he saw Gen was sick. Right before that, the two used their most powerful attacks on each other and both survived)


Gill’s displayed as ressurecting himself after Akuma hit him with the SGS, so if he’s not eternal, then he’s pretty damn hard to kill.

Akuma and Oro talk to each other in Third Strike. They basically are curious about each other’s power more than anything.


Gen trained Yun, Yang, and to a lesser extent, Chun-Li.

If akuma and ryu ever fight, i would like to see ryu LOSE but with Akuma badly hurt, concluding that Ryu is a worthy opponent waiting for the next battle.

I know Gen trained the two brothers. But, he didnt want to train many fighters because they had no talent. How would he know someone didnt have talent if they dont know martial arts? But whatever, its just a game, its no supposed to make perfect sense!!

Someone tell me if Capcom is working on a sequel to Third strike?