The Death of Dasrik

Ricardo Arturo Lafaurie II died yesterday, June 30, 2005. He was 26. He committed suicide after being informed that his uncle and him were not blood relatives and therefore he would be an incompatible body type to receive a kidney transplant.

This act was done in complete desperation. The man you knew as Dasrik had nothing left but the video game. The existence of this part of was his attempt to teach you that mastery of a character can lead you to actually become that character.

Because of the brutal nature of his death at his own hand, I would recommend that all of you cease playing Blackheart immediately. The game of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is a flawed experiment that will lead your Souls to Immortal Ruin, like it has done to Ricardo’s.

My name is Gabriel. I am only the Messenger that was tasked to tell You these Words.

i just picked up blackheart

I hope this is a fucking joke. I’m going to be in cali next week and Rick was one of the people I wanted to chill with.

Albert or Rick or anyone from around Riverside call me (847) 406-6805

I am reasonably certain that this is a joke. Dasrik told me not a week ago that he’d decided to leave the site and made sure he would by changing his password to here to, and I’m more or less quoting directly, “random alphabetical gibberish.” So Ano here, I think, is having a bit of a gag at Dasrik’s expense knowing that he’s not going to respond.

So you probably won’t see Dasrik around here, but to my knowledge, it’s not because he’s dead.

If you have nothing better to post than a sick joke, don’t fucking post at all.

Okay, I’ve now seen a post to Dasrik’s LJ that’s more recent than this thread. Didn’t believe it to begin with, but can now confirm that there’s been signs of life since, KTHXPLZDIE.

I think Dasrik is kind of a jackass on the site, but this Ano whatever made the stupidest post ever. What if someone close to Dasrik reads this? I hope someone makes a prank like this about Ano’s mother, baby daughter or whatever.

Eh heh. I think we’ve been had. I think Ano is Dasrik.

Personally, I think his posts are great, lol. =)

My last post got deleted or something. Change my “kind of a jackass” in the earlier one for “biggest stupidest most selfish jackass to walk on earth” if what Stilt saids is true…

funniest post on sumone dissing sumone LMAO :clap: