The death of something once awesome?

So, I was tidying up a few things and I came across a DVD titled “WWF Invasion” and this brought back some sick memories. During my childhood, myself (and I’m sure many of you) would tune in to watch wrestling every single week like a religion. The early 90’s were the best. I used to love it, absolutely love it. Steel chairs, sledgehammers and bodies flying around like no tomorrow was awesome. I remember seeing legends like Bret Hart, The Undertaker, Ric Flair, Stone Cold, The Rock and Shawn Michaels and so many others and it was freaking awesome. The storylines that were created and the epicness that ensued was just too much to consume. The Monday Night Wars between WWF and WCW, Goldberg completely dominating WCW and going on a 100 odd win streak or w/e lol, Mankind falling off the steel cage, man, those were some good memories.

So anyway, I was flicking through the channels and came across WWE as it’s now titled and decided to give it a watch and damn is it fucking BORING. I imagine it’s all turned to PG and the champion, some dude named Alberto Del Rio with AWFUL mic skills, not to mentioned he’s the Heavyweight champion but I’m probably bigger than him. Back in the glory days he’d be lucky to be challenging for the cruiserweight title. Like, this was so boring I was falling asleep. It really has declined and it’s kinda sad considering it was once so bloody awesome.

Does anyone still watch WWE?
Also what was your favourite wrestling moment? Mine personally would have to be during the WWF Invasion when ECW were ambushing WWF then out of nowhere the “old” Stone Cold returns and beats the shit out of everyone. Sick stuff :smiley:

(By the way, if I see one comment saying “Wrestling is fake”, I’m gonna hunt you down and cut your balls off :stuck_out_tongue: )

Nostalgia filter.

i’m not sure

your not even that new…you should know better.

Wrestling is fake. ADR shits all over you OP, go to the wrestling thread to share you feelings and emotions.

It is his destiny, after all…

I don’t follow wrestling anymore, but I know enough to know the guys in the wrestling thread probably don’t want to hear yet another person waxing nostalgic about a decade ago.

ask them in the wwe thread… :smiley:

My favorite moment is when Jim Ross is commentating any main event during the attitude era.

Man, it was all about the 1-2-3 Kid and Psycho Sid…

Omg bring back Razor Ramon, he was the best! Surely he’s in the same shape he was 10 years ago… :coffee:

Death of something once awesome…

Thought this thread was about the FGC

invasion wasnt early 90s…and invasion sucked

also you havent been approved to post new threads in GD yet.

Wrestling is fake.
Bring it bitch.

I’m sure it was a combination of wrestling getting worse as well as not being 13 anymore that really killed my interest in it.

I have a pretty sick picture of Sid at the CNE

So is the Simpsons, 90210, and reality TV.


In the mid 90’s kids would fake injuries in the playground just to be sent home early to watch the Royal Rumble. Thats if you were lucky enough to own cable in those days.

Even back then I never cared about wrestling.

to answer the original question, Kungfu Films used to be good. Up until 2004.

This is assuming that Wresting was at one point worth watching right?

SexS has the right idea. I thought this was going to be a general topic. It should have been.

Prime Time television on the major networks, for me. Must see TV was major. I only watch new episodes of Supernatural.

Sonic the Hedgehog, full stop.