The Dedicated Akuma Reset Thread



It’s about time someone put the effort into one of these. This thread will be covering the various reset possibilities and shenanigans available to Akuma, and I’d like to get as many mixup and tricks from those of you have experimented on these to fill all the gaps so newer players can try out resets with a shopping list to select their prefered options from.

Resets involve sacrificing damaging follow-ups in order to go for a mixup with a very weak juggle ender that gives sufficient recovery to confuse the opponent over where you’ve moved to and how you’re going to attack.

They are difficult to time and execute consistently in Akuma’s case, but have high dizzying potential and are also a good follow-up idea when comboing after a stun due to the scaling involved.

If there’s one thing they can destroy in an opponent, it’s ignorance. Think SaBr3’s Sakura in the Evo 5 on 5. However unpredictable or random your flowchart online scrubs are, few can come up with an answer for these in time to avoid a crushing defeat. Reversal windows can be made extremely small and the opponent is put on the spot with little time to react unless they’ve experienced resets before. They can offer great momentum and get in your opponents head.

I’m going to be listing the reset possibilities I’ve tried out and try to document their merits, properties and weaknesses. I’m making this thread because someone should, I’m not particularly good at them yet and haven’t field tested them much online, merely recorded for training.

Aswell as offering your own setups and comments or corrections to those around, I would also accept any tips you have on timing techniques for some of the normals that create the reset or what have you; provided they offer a little more in-sight than “don’t suck”.

Keep in mind for those I’ve tested to comment on, I’ve been working on those that were Demon Flip cancelled ASAP. So recovery advantage can be weaker and make options more vulnerable if you happen to labour the Demon Flip cancel in a match.

LK Tatsumaki (usually during a staple combo):


Very low damage, but easiest to reset with and provides good recovery and a close reset for follow-up options.

Normal jump into cross up j.MK

  • This has the lowest difficulty IMO, and is a great way to be introduced to reset possibilities.

  • The recovery advantage you have is excellent, while their time to react and their reversal/anti air window is well against them. You’ll be over their head with the cross-up landing very soon after their recovery.

  • Frontal AAs whiff, and I was unable to get an auto corrected or option selected reversal to work. Additionally, you need to use a strong jump to get on their cross-up side for the j.MK. If you do a weaker jump, you’ll have an ambiguous mix up off the same move to confuse the opponents blocking with.

  • The weakness here is the opponents crouch jabbing. Mashing crouch jabs here will completely shut this manuever down, as with usual cross-up MK’s that aren’t done under a specific positioning. Some online players like to use this as a favoured AA strat due to it’s success rate and the lack of timing or input skill involved to use it. Once you get stuffed by this, abandon this mix-up and move onto another. By all means continue to rely on it vs anyone who hasn’t yet attempted crouch jabs.

Cancel into LK Demon Flip

  • Difficulty is still quite straight forward, though bear in mind that the faster you cancel into the Demon Flip, the less time you give your opponent to respond.

  • The recovery advantage is still pretty good. Done early, the opponent should not be able to to jump up or away to either stuff or evade the Dive Kick/mix-up. (only jump back jab is fast enough to work an it’s not an obvious or popular option) It’s vulnerable to high priority reversal AA’s, but realisticly your opponents will most often eat the Dive Kick during their SRK or other command motion having taken the time to fully react and then attempt the AA.

  • The Dive Kick comes down vertically on them to stuff crouch jabs and let you combo. (should they be looking to stuff this like the cross-up jump) It beats them attempting to jump and will beat LP SRK’s cleanly, though vertical AA’s with more priority can beat you out on reversal, as can MP and HP SRK’s. The Demon Flip throw also beats crouch jabs comfortably from above, but has plenty more vulnerability to AA’s.

  • Not many weaknesses. Opponents on point with the reset can get used to beating you with AA’s. Otherwise, they could just block and you’d need to mix in the throw enough while still intimidating with the Dive Kick. There are no cross-up opportunities available from this setup.

Walk up throw

  • Very easily done on a successful reset, and cr.LP gives you the best available recovery of your reset choices to use it. It’s an obvious move, but nonetheless very difficult to defend against unless they have it scouted.

  • The recovery advantage is again very good. The opponent has no time to sweep or crouch jab you; and If they commit to blocking for just a split second, they’ll get thrown.

  • Your opponents only defending options for it are to tech, reverse it or jump away. It’s a pretty safe bet overall, but the risk is greatest when they know it’s coming and reverse. Don’t abuse it because it’s the easiest and safest option or you’ll lose the mental edge here. Use it occassionally to keep your opponent from becoming too familiar with the options available to them after a reset.


Damage is better, and it’s more easily cancelled into Demon Flip. It’s difficult to link consistently but this normal has the furthest range for getting resets in other scenarios. It resets them further back than cr.LP and can open up gimmicks with different Demon Flip strengths.

Cancel into MK Demon Flip

  • This definately isn’t easy to get the reset and then cancel into quickly enough for full effect, but it’s well worth the effort.

  • The MK puts you right in top of your opponent with good recovery advantage, it could be possible that you have more recovery advantage than cr.LP into LK Demon Flip, as I think the cr.MP reset takes longer, but it could just be my imagination. Most high priority fierce reversals whiff underneath you from here and the Dive Kick trades well in this position generally. LP SRK’s often lose clean or trade. (watch out for this vs Ryu) Clutch vertical types with high priority like Balrog’s jab headbutt can win, but he needs a down charge during the reset for that, and they need to clutch it.

  • Demon Flip throw is lethal from this setup, due to the recovery advantage and their reaction window you can land it frequently. It also trades okay with AA’s but the threat of the Dive Kick can help out with that and jump-away attempts too. The Palm is more effective from this setup because you are closer to the ground by the time your opponent recovers and you can play the cr.LK link and tick throw games. Using a HK Demon Flip enables the Palm to do this on their cross up side also.

Cancel into any Demon Flip, whiff Palm and hit the Super

  • Another extension to the MK Demon Flip reset that works as a nice set-up for a damaging Super.

  • The speedy plummet from the Palm has the Super starting up very quickly after they recover. Very vulnerable to counters and reversals, but the opponent has about half a second after they should have been hit by a heavy SRK combo finisher to respond, and with the threat of the Dive Kick, this is an effective option.

  • Land this after a Tatsu from a HP starter and it’ll total about 55% of 1,000 life bar in one go. This is unjumpable beyond startup from any Demon Flip strength. The Super from the Palm is available after a HK Flip that hits them from their cross up side, to add to the confusion. They only have to block or hesitate for a moment and they’ll get tagged.

  • If they didn’t hold still at that initial moment, you’ll pretty much eat whatever they responded with.

Cancel into LK Demon Flip for a low Slide

  • Fukkin LOL!

  • I know it’s stupid. The recovery advantage is very poor and their reaction window isn’t the shortest. Reversals and anti airs beat it comfortably, but again they have to be instinctive/commited.

  • It’s a bit of a baiting gimmick. The reaction window is just big enough for them to spot that they can probably anti air and for them to get hit while inputting the command.

  • If they’ve decided to block, they can see this and block low in time. You are not remotely safe on block either. It’s just another mindgame; this isn’t your best option, but getting sweeped by this pisses people off.

Dash into Super

  • This is IMO the most technically challenging option Akuma has in his resets, but it’s an an even better Super setup and is sick-looking to pull off. Work a few thousand votes on a PSN replay.

  • They have 1 or 2 frames post-recovery before the Super activates, max. Reversals must be immediate.

  • Like an untechable 330 damage version of the walk-up throw from cr.LP. Only a jump or invincible reversal can escape.

  • If they were expecting the reset, people are likely to try the reversal when they see you dash up to them as they recover, just to punish the dash or beat out whatever you try next.

Close HP:

Definately difficult to time the reset with, but it does really solid damage.

Options are just the Demon Flip cancels for cr.LP really, just a lot more damage saved on the reset.

Cross up air Tatsumaki:


Cancel into MK Demon Flip

Same as with the LK Tatsu, only the recovery advantage doesn’t sem to be as good for some reason.

Stuffed a jump-in attack with cr.HP:

Cancel into MK Demon Flip

  • This cannot be done with reactions, you need to change the way you use the move for this. It’s best to use :df::hp: when you want to win a trade and immediately do :d::df: :mk: after throwing it. When you win, you get a Demon Flip descending on the opponent before they’ve even landed. On a trade with their attack, you’ll often get a reversal Demon Flip on them this way for some cheap pressure.

  • The recovery advantage is very heavy and your opponent will probably be blocking this high. Unfortunately the throw is very difficult to use in this situation because as you descend they are still in the reset recover so the timing is difficult to work withou whiffing the throw.

  • Rely mostly on the Palm and the Dive Kick here. Palm can immediately be whiffed into a cheap throw anyway and yu can go with the low fake outs etc etc. Dive Kick may get blocked but it chips and gives you a block string to find a way through.

  • The weakness is tht it’s not particularly devastating or worth picking up if you don’t use cr.HP in AA much. However; those who use it can make this adjustment for some additional pressure afterwards.

For all options covered, keep in mind that possibilities and cross-up oportunities open up a lot more around the corner, although I have not yet got around to exploring these.

Those are all I know and have tried. Please add what you can to help solidify and improve this thread.

Good luck with your resets folks. :tup:

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too good






Wow dude, tough break. I bet this post took quite a chunk of your time too.


Good post tho. Maybe you could add the relevant stuff to the original thread.


Integrate threads imo.


Lol sorry man I had that thought almost a month ago. :wink:

Just let me know what may be missing and/or useful that my thread lacks and I will be glad to add it to my thread and give you credit for it. I know there is more I want to add to my thread, but just haven’t gotten around to writting it.


I thought the timing of all resets were the same. I time it the same as tatsu -> srk. Is that wrong? What makes cr.lp easiest?


Yes and no. Some resets have a slower start up and thus have less room for error. You have select few frames before the target hits the ground so a slower start up means you can’t wait too long.

LP offers Quick start up, quick recovery, and no canceling needed. Has the least amount of error associated with it, but at the same time it is easily the most risky.

Standing HP tends to be the reset of choice, but the timing for the cancel into a flip is rather strict as far as Akuma goes.


Oh ok. I use HP. In my mind, the damage of LP makes it not worth the trouble, but that’s just me.


I’d say that the point of a reset isn’t for the initial damage that it gains you, but the opportunities afterward. That’s just me though.


I realize that. The HP give you damage plus the mix ups that come with resets. I play conservativley, so it’s hard for me to gamble with guaranteed damage, but when I do, I use HP.


But a standing fierce reset projects just how limited your options are to your opponent. With something like c.LP or c.MP you don’t have to cancel into demonflip, and you’re not left wide open. You can c.LP and walk back if you’re expecting a teleport out of the situation (in the case of a mirror match anyway), you can also just walk straight up to them and throw them.


Basicly, the deal with the other thread was that some time ago I had a look at the title, assumed it was something related to Vega, and then never gave it the time of day. So I never spotted that Albert Einstein already had the topic covered in a way that puts me to shame.

I’ll have to take a much closer look at this existing thread. It seems very thorough at first glances.


It was at this very moment the noob had an epiphany. He recalled all the times he had previously read “op sucks ballsakz” and “use search feature fukkin idiot”. He knew he would never waste 10 hours of his life again…*


yup i say that the c.Lp does give you more options

eg: into grab, crossup, demonflip, or kara demon…

its just that the standing fierce has more damage but your only option that i see fit is to cancel to demon flip…

tBH, i use c.LP more than standing fierce…


Hey I am no Albert Einstein, although I do know Quantum Mechanics. :rofl:


HP reset gives me the crossup MK df on sagat alot easier than the rest plus it’s as natural as cLP or cMP to me. Plus the damage not to mention the stun is fantastic with the df grab as a finish.


I never had any luck trying a true Demon Flip cross-up with the Dive Kick off an HP reset. I could time it to land slightly on their cross-up side, but they could still block it by holding the wrong direction…