The Definative Guide to no Competition

“dufflebag, red headband, white gi, travel the globe.”

Haha, best suggestion ever. I’m off to do it right now. :rofl:

Yeah, I’m already planning on that. Fuck CPU, fuck online play…I’ma fucking walk barefoot across the US in a white gi looking for competition. :wgrin:

what if u prefer red jacket, red cap, red chucks, blue jeans, duffelbag and travel the globe ? lol

Then you’d be playing the wrong game, and should be looking KoF comp. lol

Use CPU to practice reaction, proper punishment, parrying, and precision. Use xbl to practice mind games, mix ups, or any set ups that don’t work on the cpu (dash-> throw lol).

Yeah playing the CPU isn’t too bad i’m kinda stuck in that stuation too. U just gotta make the most out of it. Anyone can beat cpu cause it’ll always fall 4 stupid shit. But to make the most out of it try parrying everything the cpu does. See how well u do. This will definately help sharpen your reaction skills at least.

Yeah even though the cpu has patterns, you’ll ALWAYS know what a scrub is going to do next. :sweat:

Im pretty much stuck playing the CPU until I can find:

  1. An arcade within the area
    and 2: Competition

Im good against the CPU but I don’t know how the fuck i’ll be against another 3s’er. The only arcade I know of around here is a Boomers and I don’t know what they have since I haven’t gone there in a while. Oh well.