The definite Dr. Doom

Do you guys know some of the best Dr. Doom comics there is?

There is a book based on the greatest Doctor Doom stories ever told, I forget the exact name though. It’s a good place to start.

Emperor Doom
Secret Wars
Dr Doom and Dr Strange: Triumph and Torment
FF: Unthinkable

Yeah this book -

Yeah, I am with 4Play on this. If you can find a copy of Triumph and Torment, it’s worth the read. And the Mark Waid stuff- Fantastic Four: Unthinkable and FF: Authoritative Action are two other great Doom stories. Unthinkable is the intense story and Authoritative Action is the follow-up and aftermath. Definite must-reads.

Books of Doom, by BRUBAKER, is another crucial Doom story, and a superb read. This is kind of like a Doom: Year One type of story, delving into his past and history, and really showing what makes him who he is.

Fantastic Four: 1234 by Grant Morrison and Jae Lee is my final recommendation. It’s Morrison and Jae Lee, baby. Automatic top tier.

“Triumph & Torment” is a really good storyline & worth reading time.

There was a “Doom 2099” series that was discontinued a long time ago. I thought it was interesting to see a side of Doom that was rather humane & likable, though still untrustworthy.

Guys I already have Triumph & Torment. The book that made me a definite Doom fan lol