The Definitive Aborigine Comic Book Characters List


Are we talking Aboriginal Australian (which is the people who most get called ‘aborigine’), or anybody who is an aboriginal tribesman?


oh yeah, I guess that would narrow it down a little.

There’s also the Aboriginal Gods in Marvel: Altjira, Marmoo, Julunggul, etc. couple of other ones.

Why hasn’t someone created The Definitive Midget Comic Book Characters List yet? Don’t forget Puck from Alpha Flight and Mister Mxyzptlk. :rofl:

wait bishops from australia? i always thought he was a brotha.

Tom “Pieface” Kalmaku

Hal Jordan’s Un-PC Eskimo friend.

Why not the definitive blue comic book character list? Mystique, Beast, and Nightcrawler are being drastically underrepresented.

Gorilla Grodd, Solovar, and the rest of the natives of Gorilla City.

I think we need a new forum for all Definitive (Insert Description) Comic Book Characters List threads. This has potential to be bigger than Street Fighter IV itself.

You could do the Definitive White Comic Book Character list but you’d probably die before you complete it.

How about the definitive Bald Comic Book Character list?

As an Australian… so much evil stuff I want to blurt out…but Aborigines are the only people I’m prejudiced against.

Where’s the Hispanic character thread?:annoy:

Lol another Latino who isn’t busy modding this thread can go start one. Oh yeah midgets AKA little people and bald people AKA Hair-No Americans please step up. :rofl:

I’m too lazy mang.

Probably be a short list anyway.

99.9% of them are hooking up with white men or white women. I think for African Americans its only 99.8% thanks to Storm marrying Black Panther. Not that there’s anything wrong with integration and all that but its not depicted realistically in comics at all. Ah well, I think the entire world including myself most likely has a lot to learn regarding the race issue…

You mean Bishop ain’t from Southeast DC?!!

That Native American guy in Predator: Big Game

Danielle Moonstar

How the fuck did this go from Aborigine to Native American? Focus, people FOCUS!