The Definitive Purple Comic Book Characters List


Purple Man

Stupid Companies-

Persuasion, formerly known as Purple Girl. (Killgrave’s daughter)

Are we talking skin color or just purple in general?

Yeah, am I right to just assume you’re talking about only purple skin colour? Otherwise, there’s a ton of guys that wear lots of purple or who have purple hair.

  • Thanos
  • Starro the Conquerer
  • Parasite
  • Blink (Age of Apocalypse, Exiles)
  • Maul (WildCATS)

…man, this is tough.

Is Kang blue or purple?

And Wonderman in energy/ionic form or whatever is purple, right? Does that count?

EDIT: What colour is Metamorpho? Mainly white? Or does like the one fifth of his body that’s purple count?

Starro’s a frickin starfish o.O

And Kang’s blue with purple armor.

Oh come on give me a break… :rofl: